My Travels to South Korea


Korea Is Awesome. But Be Ready To Get The Cultural Shocks Though

When I landed in Korea, I without delay fell in love due to the fact there has been unfastened WiFi nearly anywhere. Let’s communicate besides internet. Public transport is excellent. English is spoken in maximum of the fundamental destinations. But there’s one factor that I just could not match in, and that is the tradition.Image result for My Travels to South Korea

At first, I actually didn’t know some thing about the Korean culture. A buddy of mine had constantly stated that until you realize a person who lives in Korea, or until you’ve got carried out massive studies (from trusted assets of direction) about the Korean lifestyle, you don’t have any chance of understanding what to do next.

And now that I am physically far from Korea, it’s time to be absolutely honest about the life experience in Korea. Consider this as a soapbox, but a very blunt one. Most human beings will handiest speak about the good reviews in South Korea, but before you land yourself there, make certain that you know approximately the bad reports too because the ones are the things which are often unsaid. Let’s first start with the best ones.

Charging Your Phone Anywhere

To be sincere, this is the second one exceptional aspect that I like about Korea (after unfastened WiFi). You can actually simply surrender your cellphone to someone in a convenience shop, and they will charge it for you.

When my buddy exceeded over, I become literally asking him whether they’ll just thieve and run away or not. But when the other passed off, it made me sense like Korea is manner ahead of any use inside the international in terms of trusting different humans. This form of technological orientation just amazed me because I’ve never visible anything love it earlier than.

Just hand over your telephone to a person in the comfort store, and they will make sure that your phone charged and you are equipped to head.

But That Makes Your Walk Into Everything

By the whole thing, I intended actually that. When that stage of technological orientation helps broaden Korea, there are those people on the alternative facet who’re simply face planting into the entirety at the same time as on foot. I literally noticed a guy being face-glassed into a glass wall because he changed into so engrossed in his phone. And then the expected laughter of his friends and mine too took place.

This is some thing that you will barely find anywhere in the world. I mean there definitely are those who could now and again walk into somethings, however in Korea, you will recognize that almost everybody is having this issue.

It Will Is Really Hard For You To Find Gangnam Style

During my complete journey, if I can consider correctly, I heard “Gangnam Style” once, and that too turned into a ringtone. It changed into pretty shocking for me as it changed into one of the biggest hit songs within the global approximately a yr in the past, and it’s far completely absent here in the mother u . S . Of it.

But the following aspect turned into a shocker. PSY is the only who endorses nearly the entirety there. Whether the ones are socks or your mobile cellphone covers. Almost everything may be determined advocated by way of PSY. Maybe it’s far due to the fact humans like him as someone and no longer his songs, just perhaps.

Koreans Ask A Lot Of Questions. Personal Questions

This got here as a cultural shocker to me because I even have a dependancy of smiling at anybody and greeting them with an occasional Hi. I did the equal element in Korea, however soon I was in a situation where humans wanted to understand many non-public things approximately me. I did controlled to make through that awkward scenario, however here’s what I observed later that night.

When you assert hi to a Korean and smile at them, they recollect it as although you’re inquisitive about them. And it truly is the reason why they begin asking personal questions to you, along with your age, whether or not you’ve got a religion, or you’ve got a boy friend or a girl pal. And that is a commonplace thing there. They ask those questions to recognize you better and becoming a chum.

Koreans in particular care more approximately your age. It is in their lifestyle to maintain a healthy courting among the old and the younger ones. So in the event that they discover which you are older than them, they will deal with you with utmost respect. And it really is the cause why “how old are you?” is the first question that they generally tend to ask.

Matching Outfits

Falling in love is a extremely good factor there (nope, I failed to fell in love, besides with the USA). Koreans trust that if you’ve been courting every other for straight one hundred days, then it’s miles a large milestone. And it really is when couples begin wearing equal clothing. But it truly is now not simply carrying polo’s and jeans. From caps to shoes (if feasible), they put on the whole thing identical.