The Best Ways to Import from China


If you are an Amazon Seller and source your products from China, there are a few essential aspects you need to go through. Importing goods from China is one of the best options to improve your performance as a seller, but it isn’t an easy task as such. How would you import goods from China? Here are few inputs on how you improve your chances of getting the best supplies from China.

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The process of sourcing your supplier from China can involve a host of steps. If you can follow the steps diligently, you can indeed succeed in making it a real success. Follow the steps carefully.

#1 Source your Supplier

Of course, Internet is the king of all your achievements. Search through the search engines. Google can be your best source for finding the best suppliers.

There are forums that list a host of suppliers. Some good examples that can be the best options are Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China and several other options. One of the best options is opting for the sourcing agents. Leeline sourcing is one of the excellent sources to help you find the best suppliers. If you want to find more information on Leeline Sourcing, you may visit website of the service.

#2 Get the Samples

Before you can place orders for the batch manufacturing, ensure that you get the samples for the products. This can be helpful in taking care to avoid any potential mistakes or issues in the product well in advance.

Getting the samples can ensure that the supplier you have chosen is capable of producing the products that are indeed worth the efforts you are putting into it.

#3 Go for Supplier verification

Once the samples are found to be validated and conform to the standards, you can consider visiting the factory. In fact, visiting the factory assumes even more importance if the product you have taken up is complicated enough.

There are several advantages of factory visit. You can confirm that your supplier is not a scamster. You can confirm that the supplier you have chosen is actually a manufacturer and not a trader. You can also assure that the manufacturer is capable of manufacturing the product.

#4 Prepare Your Contract papers

Prepare your contracts and other documentation. Include the necessary clauses that will protect your interests. And yes, ensure that the contract is bilingual. Remember, in any extreme case where you may need to go to the court in China, the documentation needs to be in Chinese.

Quality control documentation is yet another important aspect while preparing your contracts and documents.

#5 Perform Regular Monitoring

Even when the mass production starts, never ever forget monitoring the production on a regular basis. The production process can wrong at any time. Reworking the items can be time consuming and costly enough. Ensuring regular monitoring can be helpful in addressing any deviations right in time.

The Parting Thoughts

Those were a few tips you need to follow if you really want to succeed as an Amazon Seller with your Chinese supplier. Sourcing your goods from China can be the most affordable options given the low cost of manufacturing. Follow the tips carefully and you will be ensured of a successful venture.