This Life Is an Audition for the Next


I am regularly asked, “What is my reason in lifestyles?”, “Why am I right here?” “What does God have deliberate for me?” and so, even though I have touched on a number of those subjects before, I sense that it’s miles necessary to include some of them collectively, actually due to the gross misunderstanding of this actual situation to many people.

Some human beings by no means appear to make a widespread attempt at lifestyles, preferring instead to kind of loaf around in existence and watch for something top to show up to you or to die. I assume a lot of that is because of unsuitable thoughts approximately God that have been taught, not handiest in churches, spiritual institutions, and their deceptive non secular dogma but also in schools, in “self assist” books, and through psychologists and scientists alike making life seem with none exact reason and unnecessary.

It looks as if there should be some mystery, hidden, elusive which means to live which could never be observed by way of the everyday character. Regardless of how difficult you attempt, you are sure to be met by frustration, failure, and finally dying. Certain destruction, however, is some distance from reality.

This sort of outlook is primarily based partially on some distorted concept that the universe is in some manner pre-decided in its moves, set into motion using a far off and capricious god with the to be had strength beginning to expand on the very second advent changed into finished and destined to fall apart in some very last cataclysmic event for a while in the destiny, with all life as you are aware of it finishing with destruction and extinction and you for your gift existence, meeting with something quite comparable most spartan on a more immediate time scale.

With this kind of destiny to look ahead to, it is no surprise that humans can fall into malaise and depression, believing that lifestyles have no real meaning and that personal extinction awaits at their demise, so it never happens to them that with the aid of dwelling their life the fine they can inside their private ability and barriers, they may be gratifying life’s requirements with the assistance of really BEING. You tend to suppose that sure mysterious bodily accomplishments are required to fulfill your purpose to God for supplying you with lifestyles. If that had been the case, there would be no wish for people who die in childbirth or soon afterward.



Lives come and pass, no longer than each existence isn’t crucial, because they’re crucial, and destiny does not give up with dying. In a way, breaking is genuinely one giant step into destiny, or in this situation, the continuation of a future already started. There are a few essential motives for the life you are now experiencing. Also, you cannot blame your existence on a few unintentional sexual stumble upon in a moment of ardor after a celebration by your parents.

No life ever begins using coincidence, and you may rightly say that no life ever begins that was now not already expected by way of your Soul or Entity. Creating a new character is serious stuff to the Soul, and it does no longer take that duty gently. You got here into this existence with a plan you made before you were born, which you have intentionally induced yourself to overlook.

This is for practical motives that ought to do with being able to confront and reply to events and not using a pre-existing truth of the anticipated outcome. Otherwise, the effects would be stricken by that previous know-how, and there would be no want for striving to attain. You are purported to create, enjoy and learn from everything your life touches, and in so doing, grow in love and creativity and the technique, make bigger your attention. You are fulfilling your motive in lifestyles, but you must do all of this without earlier expertise that you wrote the script for the “drama” of your lifestyles.

No life starts or evolves without cause or a theme, and yours are not any distinct. (see an article of August 14, Life Themes throughout Time.) Now, in case you don’t believe that lifestyles keep after the bodily loss of life, then what I say from here on will maintain little that means for you, however in case you do believe as you have to that life is eternal, you have a good purpose of trying to apprehend the importance of what you do on this lifestyles. Via doing so, supply it new, which means.

You are basically in this lifestyle, auditioning for your next existence, or must I say, laying the foundation of your next life, and what you do here will have an effect on the “drama” of your following lifestyles that you will again write and act out over again on this bodily global and all over again, like the absent-minded professor, you’ll neglect which you wrote the script. There is one exception, and this is if you are equipped to evolve out of the physical device and explore new challenges in more advanced systems, and in those cases, lifestyles keep handiest on lots different phrases than now.

The existence you are residing now with all of its challenges, its heartaches, its tragedies, successes, loves, hates and accomplishments are colored and shaded by your (final lifestyles revel in), so you can count on in case your gift existence is full of difficulties and tragedies, it’s miles at least partly due to the fact you set it up that manner via your movements in a past lifestyle.

Of path, I am referring here to reincarnation, and I would endorse that if you supply little regard on your moves on this existence, you then cannot rail at the heavens cursing God for the problems you’ll stumble upon on your subsequent bodily presence. Your standard enjoyment in this lifestyle results from moves in preceding lives, and if this lifestyle is less than your preference, you could blame no person but yourself. Reoccurring problems might not floor in the next life; however, in a way, you could say that “the piper should be paid” someday, somewhere, even though the time and place can be centuries within the destiny in distant lands.

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