Best Crafting Professions in AoC


When Age of Conan came out, there were quite a few talks approximately its many crafting professions. People desired to recognize what the Crafting Professions in AoC entailed and what people may expect from the sport when they ultimately reached Level 40 and started making gold with them. The question became even more crucial for those interested in making gold with those crafting careers in AoC.

The Right Start

To effectively utilize the crafting professions in AoC to make gold, you need to get off to an excellent beginning at Level 20. You cannot pick out your crafts till Level 40, but you may begin harvesting at Level 20, and the people resources you harvest could be helpful while you start crafting afterward.

While the harvesting professions are in large part relatively uninteresting, you ought to take the option to analyze all 6. There are some reasons for this. First, you don’t want to pay for resources later. Second, you could begin collecting and storing resources early while you hit level 40 and start crafting in earnest. Third, you can find assets everywhere in the game, but you might not see every help anywhere in the sport. It’s an excellent start, and you may thank yourself later for it.

Choosing Your Crafting Profession in AoC

Of the five primary crafting professions in AoC, there are three that can make you money with them that are better than the rest. Here is a brief rundown:


Armorsmithing –

This is the longest and most exhausting to level up, however, the maximum profitable of the professions. You can create armor for any slot and upload treasured gem slots that coincide with any degree from 20-eighty. If you’ve got the time and the assets, you ought to select this one. Also, you can craft your gear and store a ton of gold afterward.

Weaponsmithing –

This is your friendly wager if you want a relatively less complicated profession to level but want to make gold. Craft any variety of guns with gem slots for huge gold rewards later down the road.

Gem cutting –

This is a famous but hard-to-grasp career that calls for you to pretty many exits and farms on mobs or spends a ton of gold inside the Trade Posts shopping for the necessary gems.

Alchemy –

Alchemy may prove pretty worthwhile down the road; however, the first six weeks of the sport’s launch had it in large part damaged, so it will take time for that to be decided.

Architecture –

This is a money sink and is best necessary for the ones constructing their Guild’s City. Adjustments are being made so Architects can make cash later, but for now, steer clear.