Businesses! Are Your Mobile Devices Working For You?


In recent instances, cell devices have become pretty powerful and characteristic-rich and are becoming interested from purchasers and businesses alike. Faster processors, ample RAM, and flash memories at the side of a couple of conversation technologies have made cellular devices suitable for deploying and running business applications. Such improvements support groups that embody mobility to improve their procedures, increasing sales and efficiency even as operational expenses decrease. The mobile tool is a critical aspect of any cellular answer. There are broad types of mobile gadgets to choose from. Most typically used business enterprise cellular devices are based totally on Windows Mobile running system from Microsoft. It has emerged as a favored platform utilized by organizations around the world.


Windows Mobile is a feature-packed and flexible operating system. There is a lot a corporation can take advantage of out of this platform. But maximum of organizations do not want all of the available capabilities. Giving a powerful mobile device to the cellular workforce can sometimes truely turn out to be a critical issue as employees might use the machine for private use rather than for the enterprise. Besides, organizations spend masses of cash and attempt to develop and deploy enterprise applications. They want to make sure that the workers use the answer to its full potential in want of the business. Following are some of the challenges that have to be addressed to maximize the blessings of a solution that involve cellular devices:

* Entertainment at the task

All Windows Mobile gadgets include integrated packages like browsers, games, telephone, and so forth. All of that could, without difficulty, distract a cellular worker. A recreation of Solitaire can waste critical running hours. This sort of mobile device usage is virtually now not favorable to the companies.

Mobile Devices


* Maintenance Problems

An employee who isn’t very knowledgeable approximately Windows Mobile can easily trade the basic device settings (e.G. Network, machine files, etc.). Such intentional or unintentional manipulation of tool settings can cause the actual enterprise application to fail. Imagine a user turns off the WiFi radio on the device, even as the utility is transferring records critical to the server. Results can be steeply priced in phrases of money and time. Too an awful lot of manipulation can “corrupt” the tool, which needs to be back to the I.T. branch, once more inflicting lack of productivity and wastage of I.T. assets. While the device is with I.T., the mobile employee is probably sitting idle, anticipating the tool to go back. Loss! Loss! Loss!

* Installation of Third-birthday party programs

There are heaps of third-celebration programs (for personal and gaming functions) available on the internet nowadays. These applications may be easily set up on a Windows Mobile device. Installation of unauthorized third-party packages for private use honestly waste time; however, it can also disrupt the tool operation by eating reminiscence and processor resources. Besides, one’s applications can contain malware and viruses, posing a safety threat to the corporation.

* Physical Data Security

Business packages are designed to paintings online or offline. If connectivity isn’t to be had, the utility is going lower back to offline mode. This makes it feasible for a cellular worker to keep running till the connectivity is completed again. In offline mode, the software shops the statistics regionally. If the information is touchy, it’s miles in the main encrypted. This saves the information from misuse in case the tool is misplaced or stolen. But as soon as a device is stolen, the thief can connect the instrument to a P.C. thru ActiveSync and replica the information files. Desktop-based hacking equipment can be used to decipher/decrypt the records. There needs to be a manner to dam the consumer from copying the statistics from a device.


Locking down general-purpose Windows Mobile gadgets into kiosk mode can resolve the above problems. The enterprise can restrict users from releasing and using only “accepted” applications and capabilities by locking down the devices. E.G., a corporation, can provide cellular gadgets so that people can not set up third-party programs independently. Another instance might be to enable Data Only connection over the telephone community, even blocking off the voice calls.

There are alternative strategies to lock down mobile gadgets:

Method 1: Building Custom Kiosk gadgets

This method calls for a business enterprise to build custom kiosk gadgets that do simply what the enterprise desires. Windows C.E. operating device is most typically used to increase custom gadgets. This answer has the following advantages and disadvantages.