Does Britain’s Big New Warship Still Run Windows XP?


HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Extra Update  Royal Navy’s most up-to-date vessel and the biggest one ever built inside the United Kingdom, is an excellent delivery. Nine hundred and nineteen toes lengthy with a team of 1 six hundred, the delivery can bring up to 40 aircraft. Queen Elizabeth and her sister deliver, Prince of Wales, will shape the United Kingdom’s major expeditionary force at sea, sailing into hotspots with their decks complete of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

Oh, and Queen Elizabeth also runs Windows XP. The cutting-edge provider left its dockyard in Rosyth for the primary time on Monday, where it was assembled from subsections constructed all over the UK. The London-based newspaper The Guardian pronounced that computer systems jogging the undoubtedly old PC working machine were noticed at the carrier at some point of an excursion.

The Windows XP operating device was launched by way of Microsoft in 2001. The software enterprise ceased promoting the OS in 2008 and has slowly dropped aid for XP, along with malicious software definitions, urging users to migrate to Windows 7, 8, and 10. Just remaining month computer systems jogging XP and part of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service were focused on a cyberattack using sophisticated ransomware.

Windows XP


It’s now not positive how Windows XP was given on board Queen Elizabeth. Construction of the carrier commenced in 2008, the equal year Microsoft stopped selling it. The software might have arrived as laptop systems from older ships had been recycled for the new provider. Controversy erupted earlier this 12 months while it turned into determined that the United Kingdom’s nuclear missile submarines, which embark Trident missiles armed with thermonuclear warheads, also ran XP.

The Queen Elizabeth’s air wing commander insists that despite the growing older software, it won’t present a road for a cyberattack, announcing escorts will keep intruding ships at bay and that the supply channel will subsequently replace old running structures. Queen Elizabeth will even have its personal committed organization of “cyber professionals” onboard to shield against hacking.

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