Highlights from some Greek islands and why you should visit


Holidaying on a Greek island is at the top of many people’s travel plans, and rightly so. It is one of the best-developed tourist companies in Europe, boasting a stunning coastline, incredible history, and 0ver 2000 islands. You can choose a greek villa, 5*star hotel, or almost any accommodation type. The abundance and types of islands, activities, and housing spin your head.

There are countless lists of the best islands, where to go, and what to see, and to this, I have added my thoughts and inspiration to the mix. I have compiled a few of the main islands and draws that attract people here. From this, you can develop ideas about where you would like to go on holiday. Don’t forget, though, depending on the length of your time in Greece and around the island, it might be possible to get a good mix of each, ensuring you have the whole island life experience.

Greek islands


To begin, we will start with the largest of the Greek island, which is Crete. Famed for its exciting nightlife, you might be mistaken for forgetting Crete’s important history, which you can learn about on a visit. Crete was the location in which two tablets contained the first written records of the Greek language. This is hugely important to the island, and thus, the discovery and history of the tablets can be uncovered in several museums on the island.

Following closely on from its illustrious history is food. Crete is a food lovers’ paradise with a host of local dishes such as Dakos. Famed for its olive oil, you will find plenty of opportunities to sample this, along with wines, olives, cheeses, and meats that are unique to the island. Once you have filled, you can move unto the nightlife on offer along the city’s main promenade.

Rhodes island:

For the history lovers among you, Rhodes is the perfect destination to explore ancient Greece’s medieval side. Rhodes has over 300 sunny days a year, allowing you ample time to explore its rich history before hitting the beach.

Rhodes’s history dates back thousands of years, and like much of Greek history, it is tied into the mythology of the Greek gods. Even strolling through the streets will bring you something new to discover every few steps. Some major sights include the Acropolis of Rhodes and Lindos, the castle of Kristina, and a whole host of museums scattered throughout the island.

Not just content with beaches, Rhodes has a beautiful center full of tiny villages, beautiful parks, and rolling hills, all of which are open for you to explore. It is best to rent a car, or if you are a large group, possibly organizing a locally guided tour will give you the best layout of the island and its history.

As with most Greek islands, it seems island life is party life. Rhodes is no different, with some crazy clubs and cozy bars for all tastes. Grab a bite to eat and head to the waterfront for fun and entertainment.


This picturesque island will have been on any brochure or website you have seen of Greece. The whitewashed buildings, blue doors, and shutters contrast perfectly with the sky and ocean surrounding it. You can get lost in the cobbled streets as you search for the little café or restaurant you wish to spend the evening in. This one is not for group parties but for couples who want to celebrate their marriage or, more simply, each other’s company.

One of the most popular islands, if you are planning a romantic getaway during the summer season, ensures to book ahead to avoid disappointment. There are many trails and paths to take across the island in which you can search for the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic and watch the sunset over this majestic island. You can also take some day trips to neighboring islands, allowing you to discover beaches which sadly Santorini lacks.


This one is for nature lovers among us. Containing everything from forests to island and discover wildlife and dramatic scenery. Along with the simple process of finding the beauty in nature, there is also a host of outdoor activities that you can get up to, including hiking, cycling, and of course, swimming on the hidden beaches that criss-cross the island.

A few days here is enough, and then you can move onto another of the islands that scatter the area. Expect lodges or more basic accommodation for those on a budget and, of course, higher-end for those without a budget. These are my pick and highlights of some of the islands in the region. Some are famous, and you will know already, while others are trimmer and more fun to discover as part of an adventure. There is room for every budget, so you need to find what will interest you.