How to Become a Professional Career Blogger in your PJs


You’ve heard the come-ons from dozens of sales websites: “Make Money Online NOW”, “The Easy Way to Riches”, “Work From Home And Make Big Bucks!”, and concept, yeah, right.

But what if I told you that yes, indeed, you could make a very secure profit, in only multiple hours a day, from your at ease domestic office? (Wearing something you like.) Further, what if I informed you that some of the most important businesses within the international are slavering at the mouth to have you do just that? Career bloggers are in great call for.
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What’s a career blogger?

A profession blogger is a person who is hired to blog (write a Weblog) for an organization, on a contract, typically for 3 to six month periods. A profession blogger also can be a running a blog entrepreneur, someone who sets up some of the blogs and monetizes them in various methods. In this text, we talk turning into a blogger-for-lease, a running a blog mercenary, if you will.

You can grow to be a professional blogger

I started running as a career blogger around a yr in the past. Businesses have found out the advantages of a weblog: remarkable content material for their websites, wonderful customer courting benefits, plus taking rate in their popularity management online.

How to get commenced as a career blogger

The first step to your career blogging challenge is to create a weblog. This “starter” blog will act as your running a blog resume, or portfolio. You can set up your weblog in a few minutes at Blogger.Com at [http://www.Blogger.Com/start]

Do a touch making plans first. Decide what your blog’s topic will be. As a career blogger, you will be blogging for organizations as a blogger-for-lease, so if you have commercial enterprise smarts, your blog is the region to show it. If you are a marketer, for example, your blog’s subject matter can be in the place of advertising, income, branding — any topic that you’re feeling comfortable writing approximately every week.

On the opposite hand, if your advertising and marketing job bores you silly, pick out a place approximately which you’d like to recognize greater. Perhaps you are inquisitive about investments, or in actual estate. Both areas have businesses which want and need bloggers, so pick one of those subjects — your weblog will be exciting on your readers, because you are mastering approximately your subject matter, and your enthusiasm for it will shine thru.

Choosing a name for your blog

You can pick out a name to your blog in numerous approaches:

* For branding purposes (a name you select due to the fact you intend it to represent your commercial enterprise and could promote it closely). Companies like Yahoo!, Nike, and Google all chose their names so they may construct a recognizable logo).

* To get observed extra effortlessly (by means of the usage of keywords)

* To improve your profile online (through using your own name)

Get Hired!

You’ve were given your blog, now you need a blogging activity. How will you locate one? Via your weblog, of direction. All blog platforms create an About, or Profile page. Just screen your availability on the web page.