How To Prevent Or Cure Your Child’s Internet Addiction


According to Dr. Jerald Block, Internet addiction or the pathological use of the internet has 4 fundamental symptoms.

A 1-Impaired sense of the passage of time

You can say that your baby is behaving like a web addict in case you note that s/he’s the use of the net so excessively that s/he has misplaced the sense of the passage of time. The baby now not feels the want for meals or sleep. According to a study from Stanford University School of Medicine in Silicon Valley in 2006, an internet addict may additionally spend more than 30 hours a week on non-essential computer use and discover a first-rate issue abstaining for several days.Image result for How To Prevent Or Cure Your Child's Internet Addiction

2-Withdrawal symptoms

When averted from going online, some children might also display a few physical or emotional disorders, inclusive of anxiety, tension, despair, complications, and insomnia. Typical computer addicts admitted that internet use affected their relationships and they often resorted to the Internet to break out fact due to the fact they discover difficulties to maintain normal social interactions.

3-Toleration or indulgence

Typical internet addicts generally display a first-rate need for enhancing their net skills and a perceived need for brand spanking new software. Most of them preserve being preoccupied with the aid of thoughts of going online whilst offline. They are continuously traumatic about lacking the brand new software program inclusive of the most recent online video games and social network pages.

4- Negative repercussions to the behavior

Most if no longer all internet addicts display behavioral problems which may include arguments with pals or own family members, persistent fatigue, troubles at faculty or work, mendacity, violence following financial miscalculations, lack of success and social isolation.

II/ How to treat your baby’s dependency yourself?

Most internet dependency treatments use time management strategies to assist internet addicts to increase alternative activities that take them far away from the pc which includes spending greater time with their households, carrying out pursuits, or workout. Corrective strategies consist of content-manipulate software which uses time management capabilities that allow mother and father to set the amount of time all through which their youngsters can surf the internet, play pc games or do other computer sports. The cognitive behavioral therapy is any other approach which recognizes that a few behaviors cannot be controlled thru rational concept, however, they rather come forth thru prior conditioning from the environment and other external or internal stimuli. Besides, most psychologists agree that, for Internet overuse, controlled use is a greater practical purpose than overall abstinence. In truth, what makes the internet so addictive is the shortage of limits and the absence of duty. Therefore, parents can play a first-rate position in curing their children or even preventing Internet overuse by means of coaching kids regulations of accurate time management at an early age. Giving children the opportunity to decide with parents about the weekend agenda is some other way that might inspire them and assist them to stay away from their computer systems. If youngsters get used to reveling in the exterior approach of leisure such as exercise or gambling group video games, journeying museums and art galleries, going to amusing festivals, attending performs of theatre or circus performances, they’ll find a bigger choice of leisure time activities to fill their agenda with. Besides, they may grow up as active and responsible folks that refuse to spend several days on non-important pc use.