How to Teach English Abroad in South Korea


For the past ten years increasingly, teachers have been heading to South Korea to teach English. While it is actual that the maximum popular demographic are recent University graduates, many people in their 30s thru 60s teaching English in South Korea. There are currently around 20 000 local English teachers working in South Korea.

Why Korea

South Korea has one of the quickest developing economies globally and is a member of the G20. Due to globalization, it’s miles becoming an increasing number critical for Koreans to have the ability to talk English. Their authorities and residents have diagnosed this and have spent billions of greenbacks on English education. The only USA where Korean is the majority language is North Korea, and, as you can guess, they don’t accomplish that a great deal is buying and selling with them. , so many teachers head to Korea due to the fact the demand is so excessive.

For instructors, Korea is an appealing vacation spot to teach because it gives an excessive widespread of living, safety, heavily backed health care, and proximity to the rest of Asia. Korean food and tradition are becoming increasingly famous internationally and are proved with the rising range of overseas vacationers traveling there each year. As Korea is a geographically small united States, you’ll be able to spend your weekends and downtime touring around the country. There is something for all people, from mountains to the coast and four beautiful seasons to experience.

South Korea


As long as you’re from one of the seven recognized English-speaking nations (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, NZ) and feature a University diploma, you will be capable of growing to be an English instructor in South Korea! With minimal qualifications, you’ll be making use of much less skilled positions but incomes sufficient to store around US$1000 a month if you attempt. In fact, with a bit of hard work and willpower, it is feasible to hold tons more than that. The extra qualifications you have (Masters, coaching license, CELTA Certificate), the better exceptional process you’ll be capable of applying for, and the extra money and blessings you may receive.

Types of Jobs

There are many sorts of English teaching jobs in Korea. However, first-timers in Korea will practice in public faculties via the EPIK application or academies (referred to as hagwons). EPIK is the English Program In Korea. It has been setting local English speakers in South Korean faculties for approximately two decades.

Teachers are located in fundamental, middle, or excessive college and might paintings in any province of Korea. Teachers’ images alongside bilingual Korean co-trainer stocks are coaching and lesson planning obligations with the Native English Teacher. Teachers work five days a week, Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 to 4:30, and get around four weeks of excursion a year.

Hagwons are non-public academies or hagwons that most college students attend after school finishes for the day. Because of this, the hours of a standard hagwon worker could be plenty later than that of a public college instructor and will even include weekend work. Also, unlike operating in a public faculty, trainers teach alone, now not with a co-teacher. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on the student’s conduct and the trainer’s experience.

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