Internet Addiction – Signs, Symptoms, Dependency, Treatment and Recovery


Internet addiction is a global hassle and developing every day. With the growth of the internet and handy entry, this dependency is “viral” in its own proper. Many internet addicts are teens or young adults. In China, as many as 15% of youngsters are addicted to this activity. Hong Kong posts stressful numbers. It is anticipated that 40% of the teenager’s populace there’s addicted! For the U. S., estimates imply that we have 20 million internet addicts, with the price going up 25% every year. According to a University of Maryland examine released a final year, many college students are hooked on the net (1).

Internet utilization is a powerful visual stimulus to the brain. CT Scans of net gamblers have detected dopamine release similar to that seen in crack addicts. It is reasonable to anticipate that this situation is mediated thru the satisfaction middle of the brain. Dopamine is the most important neurotransmitter involved in the pleasure center. The net now affords not most direct visual stimulation however tactile and auditory as well. This complicated hassle certainly affects multiple neurotransmitters and different components of the mind except for the “pride middle.”

Current estimates country that being online over 20 hours every week can be considered an addiction. This could exclude a person who makes use of the internet for their work. Detox, withdrawal, and cravings with these individuals are actual phenomenon. They accept that the most effective way they may be “linked” socially or intellectually is while they may be online. Depression, tension, a sense of isolation, and frustration are common symptoms while addicts cannot access the internet.


The harmful aspect results of this trouble may be disastrous. Many college-age children neglect their studies, playing internet games, or socializing online, contributing to high dropout costs and negative grades. Internet dependency is related to ADHD and depression in teenagers (2). Reading comprehension and writing capabilities, all go through because of internet abuse/dependency. This trouble can harm relationships and families. When one considers online playing or online pornography, you are looking at an actual nightmare. These addictions can result in monetary ruin or imprisonment.

The current remedy for this horrible dependancy is within the infancy stages and entails behavioral and cognitive techniques. It is assumed that the clinical network must recognize that this severe sickness causes chemical and electric modifications inside the mind. Some studies have proven that repeated visible pictures in youngsters can exchange the anatomy of the mind. Countless hours on the internet undoubtedly trade the reason qualitatively and quantitatively.

Counseling is not unusual for this problem, and there are aid organizations to be had. The clinical network has been sluggish to perceive this dependency, and medical treatment is not generally used for this catch 22 situations. Naturally, insurance agencies are hesitant to offer any insurance to treat this or some other addictive disease.

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