Myths About Computer Repair and IT People


7 Computer Repair Myths

I’ve been within the laptop restore business for some time now. There appear to be a few myths that many human beings accept as accurate with approximately pc restore, pc restore corporations and other associated subjects. Here we’re going to dispel those myths. Unless you are a pc repair guru or techie yourself, the probabilities are you may have been the victim of one or extra of the subsequent PC and computer repair myths sooner or later. Read directly to discover what these ordinary pc associated myths are, see in case you’ve been duped, and finally get the truth about laptop carrier and restore.

1) My laptop man is aware of everything, approximately every application out there. Expect your laptop restore guy to realize all the details of every program you have hooked up to your PC? Perhaps you expect too much. There are such a lot of programs around, and they’re continuously changing. It would take extra than a lifetime to study all of them. While a given pc restore tech may know about standard programs (i.E. Word, Quick Books, and so forth), they’ll no longer understand something approximately applications unique for your enterprise or different programs that are not as commonplace.

2) The computer repair person can fix a few troubles I’m having with an internet site(s)—another all-to-not unusual computer-related delusion. Your pc tech can not typically “restoration” problems with websites (which include Facebook) because the internet site itself is undoubtedly on a server that’s some other pc constructed to run web pages and percentage content placed somewhere else. Only the folks who administer the internet site can get admission to the documents and the pc which hosts the web page (the same rule above additionally applies: no one knows the whole thing about each internet site; plus, they arrive and move).


They may be in a position to inform you why you’re having problems with it or maybe tweak the settings in your laptop to correct some minor troubles, but that is usually confined to what it can accomplish. Any real issues with a website must be dealt with by using the individuals who own and operate it.

3) My teenager or my neighbor’s/buddy’s/coworker’s a teenager/young character can restoration it. Kudos to the older generations for giving high-quality credit to the younger humans for something. Too horrific that that is nothing extra than a mistake in reasoning. There are quite a laptop-savvy kids around who may write programs, troubleshoot hardware, and apprehend laptop structure.

But most younger peoples’ wisdom is in the shape of the usage of the net, particular applications, and using the computer in general (this is most likely because of the reality that they grew up with PCs). People like this are dubbed “energy customers”. Being an electricity user does no longer necessarily provide one the potential to troubleshoot, deploy, and configure hardware and software nicely, particularly on complicated networks and servers. Computer restore calls have been made to me because the proprietor of the PC permits his teenager or twenty-something to have a crack at fixing it first, therefore making the problem worse.

4) I need to be a pc technician, engineer, or pc scientist to repair my very own computer. This jogs my memory of the time I locked my keys in my vehicle (with the wi-fi key fob of a path). I called a locksmith, wondering he turned into going to pull some James Bond style moves and pick out the lock or something equally fascinating.

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