Italy Sees a Decrease in Property Prices


The expenses of belongings in Italy were noticed a lower inside the 2d half of 2008 in keeping with the property agent organization Tecnocasa. This is prompted, says the report, with the aid of more extensive belonging, provides a more careful call for and a more extended sale time on the market. Additionally, the Italian property market has slowed down because the ability shoppers have prolonged their selection time, pushed via the information about the Italian economic system, and the unsureness in their finances availability.

Furthermore, the tightening of credit score distribution regulations followed by way of the Italian banks, no matter they have not been hit as tons tough as in all of the other countries through the credit score crunch, has created high-quality difficulties for those customers who do not have a large coins availability and want a larger loan. This loss of cash waft has caused more difficult negotiations among buyers and vendors, main the deals to be closed at a decrease sale price.

The assets charges have visible a more potent decrease in all the nearby capitals (-three.9%) followed with the aid of the biggest city’s outskirts (-3.8%) and ultimately in the most significant cities (-3.6%). Within the most prominent cities, the central decrease has been registered via Palermo (-4.9%), Bologna (-four.6%), and Naples (-four.Four%). Rome has registered a lower of 3.6% and Milan of two.4%. As for the most important city’s outskirts, the significant charge decrease has been written by the outskirt of Bologna (-5.Four%), observed by way of Rome’s outskirt (-four.6%) and the outskirt of Naples (-four.Four%).

To sum up the data, the principal charge lower has been registered in the main towns of the South (-4%), observed by way of those in the North (-3.Nine%) and then in Central Italy (-three.7%) But the second one 1/2 of 2008 has also recorded a coming again of the investments in assets. Ever greater traders are running away from unsure financial investments. They are heading toward belongings investments, confirming the property market as one of the most comfortable investments and it as the favorite with the aid of Italians.



The professional’s feeling is that inside the first months of 2009, there has been a growth within the belongings call for, pushed no longer handiest by lower interest fees however also through the notice that the assets market has undertaken a brand new route and that the property charge lower offers high-quality investment possibilities. In the second half of 2008, the primary key used to turn all of the negotiations into income changed into the account once more. Nearly the totality of the ability shoppers pay extra attention to the property excellent and are ever more focused on getting a terrific price for cash.

This has determined a more substantial decrease in expenses in resale residences than in restored and new properties. Medium and decrease-end houses have registered the most potent price decrease. In contrast, prestigious houses have better preserve their charges. For this range of property, the buyers are more cautious, mainly if the belongings don’t satisfy all of the purchaser’s wishes. This way that the caution before shopping for has hit all of the property degrees.

The 2nd half of 2008 has seen the upswing of the property demand that inside the preceding semesters had reduced. The submit summer time negative trend of economic markets has set a go back of hobby in belongings investments this is also enduring the first months of 2009. The traders have diverted their capital toward homes that would provide an income, including properties to be rented as holiday homes.

The demand analysis on January 09 shows that in the Italian largest cities, the more asked belongings type become a two-bedroom asset (residence or condominium) chosen for the 35.7% of the times, followed through one bedroom assets (28,6%) and three-bedroom belongings. The average fee degrees of the property request is between EUR170,000 and EUR249,000 (24%), observed by the price variety between EUR250,000 and EUR349,000 (21,6%). The main belongings kind provided by the marketplace is the two-bedroom property (33.Nine%), accompanied using one-bedroom assets and three-bedroom belongings (22.Eight%).

It is difficult to see what will take place throughout the following months; a lot will rely upon the fashion of the Italian economy and on the bank’s conduct. The professionals expect that we can see an in addition decrease in the sale’s quantity and within the prices of the assets for the upcoming months. Significantly lower assets charges and cuts in the interest charges have given confidence to potential consumers. They begin to see that the length offers accurate opportunities to buy belongings in Italy.