Major Benefits and Key Challenges of Android Development


Powerful Android packages make a difference in the international. As greater than eighty-four percent of all Smart Phones use Android OS, there are super possibilities for developers of Android programs, making it viable to find a skilled Android developer in any part of the arena. Having stated that, here is an extensive examination of the predominant blessings and critical challenges of android improvement that will help you pick out the friendly platform in your commercial enterprise app improvement.

Major Benefits:

Android development is value-effective

Android is open source. Therefore builders can create any range of wealthy packages with no recurring license fees. On the alternative hand, a clean SDK advent does no longer requires more significant resources. You can also go for any range of revisions within the software, as there are free modification applications available, which similarly carry the price down.

Inter-application integration

With Android being an open-source platform, it’s miles more appropriate for all styles of inter software integration. Even if you need to merge or pass-promote the various packages collectively, Android is the most suitable program to apply, as the generation itself is best for any connection among diverse software programs.

Graphics support

Android offers considerable assist for 2D and 3D pix, allowing groups to draw users to its mobile programs. Using great photographs is critical for the fulfillment of any mobile software.

Android Development

Less talent is needed.

Android applications are essentially written in Java. A developer with an operating understanding of Java and right revel in on this programming kind can effortlessly get an Android application up and jogging with relative ease.

Linux kernel

Android is based totally on the Linux kernel, which means that the simple features of Android are very just like those of the Linux kernel. Android offers a very flexible and robust platform based on Linux, ensuring an impediment unfastened and clean environment where packages can carry out their first-class.

The key challenges

UI improvement

As the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) produce their pretty distinct user interfaces, it’s miles on occasion trouble for the developer to handle this transformation in UI’s.


Factors along with GUI (graphical person interface) and memory and energy use affect the overall performance of the software. During utility improvement, the developer ought to bear in mind the hassle of aid utilization and distribute the sources optimally to all the packages that need them.


With the great use of Android clever telephones, there may be a need to shield those gadgets from malicious assaults aiming to steal crucial information and usernames and passwords. The statistics in transit and records at rest need to be protected against any unauthorized entry.

Backward compatibility

Android is known for its frequent updates; the developer needs to ensure backward compatibility in his software traits. It is essential to make sure that the advanced utility runs clean now, not most effective on the updated version, however also on the previous variations of the Android API.

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