Medical Technologies – Are They a Good Idea?


It is 2017 so I wager we should not be amazed at all the improvements that are being made. Every time we suppose we’re mastering one piece of the era the most up-to-date version shows up.

In phrases of clinical specialists, this is no exception, we also ought to get used to new technologies and improvements being made all the time. These technologies are positioned into the area with the concept that they’re making the lives of medical specialists easier.Image result for Medical Technologies - Are They a Good Idea?

Some of this technology is validated as beneficial to clinical specialists and their patients. While other technologies are questionable to whether or not they may be beneficial or no longer. I am going to discuss three of those technologies and provide my critiques on them.

The question I ask right here is do they sincerely make the lives of clinical professionals less complicated or are clinical professionals spending greater time learning how to use this technology than on patient care?

The first scientific era is Electronic Health Records, also referred to an EHR. This gadget permits all affected person statistics to be brought into a database and be reviewed by means of clinical professionals. The information that is delivered into this system consists of:

Basic affected person statistics
Past scientific records
Patient medicines
Lab and x-ray facts and effects
Notes on patient go to
Patient Diagnoses
Vital signs

Benefits of this device consist of:

Cutting returned on paper seeing that all patient records are entered in this database in place of being handwritten.
Allows sufferers to review their information online thru the patient portal.
Allows clinical professionals to coordinate care through sending patient information to every other.
Saves space this is required to shop paper medical statistics and allows this space for use in higher ways.
Allows 24 hours 7 days every week access.
It saves time and money.

Some cons of this machine consist of:

Not all patients are tech-savvy and won’t advantage from this device.
Like with all on-line structures EHR systems are at risk with reference to cyber hackers and malicious hackers. This means greater diligence is necessary to prevent affected person records from being accessed by means of unauthorized customers.
If the gadget isn’t up to date frequently it may reason troubles with the use of the system.
If the internet is going out in a facility than this gadget is useless.
In my personal opinion, I feel this generation is useful to clinical experts, in addition to patients. It allows patients to be worried about their care by using having access to their statistics as opposed to feeling they may be within the darkish and now not know what is going on with their care.

This gadget also has many blessings for clinical experts. One large one is that they have extra time to communicate with their sufferers alternatively of getting to spend lots of time reviewing and charting affected person care. I additionally since it prevents clutter that can that takes place with paper statistics and decreasing the mistakes or errors of scientific specialists.

The 2d clinical era is Infusion Pumps. Infusion pumps are used to supply fluids, nutrients, and medicinal drugs to patients. This tool facilitates deliver controlled quantities of fluids to the patient’s body.

Some of the unique uses for an infusion pump encompass shipping of:

IV fluids if an affected person is dehydrated.
Chemotherapy pills.
Insulin or other hormones.
Pain relievers.