Mercedes Benz GLS


American customers can e-book their Mercedes-Benz GLS 2017 in December as deliveries provoke from March 2016. As of yet, no information has been released concerning Australian and UK markets. Furthermore, fuel performance, pricing, and performance are still undetermined. Mercedes-Benz GLS 2017 is, in essence, a revamped GL-Class version. According to the GL approach, all Mercedes’s vehicles, including crossovers and SUVs, initiate with GL-, accompanied with the aid of a letter, denoting the car’s size. S-class consists of the most significant vehicles in the class.

Apart from that, little is revised in the GLS version, with trimmed down headlights and bumpers equivalent to its more petite fashions, and LED lighting fixtures are normative in Mercedes automobiles. Owners of Mercedes GLS-550 can choose a sports version for a competitive facet.

Fast Facts

· Price: $64, 500

· Horsepower: 240-550

· Engine: 3. Zero V6

Horsepower categorization

Mercedes-Benz is all prepared with their engines slated to be incorporated into Mercedes-Benz GLS.

· GLS-350 BlueTEC is powered with the aid of a V-6 diesel engine with rapid-enhance, able to generate 455 lbs-toes of torque and 240 horsepower.

Mercedes Benz

· GLS-450 is equipped with a V-6 rapid-engine, capable of producing 369 lb-feet of torque and 360 horsepower.

· GLS-550 is equipped with the V-6 turbo engine, generating 516 lb-feet of torque and 429 horsepower.

· The GLS-sixty three includes manufacturing facility-outfitted V-8 fast engine, producing 560 lb-ft of torque and 550 horsepower.

Engine categorization

The GLS model consists of the following categories:

· The GLS-350d is equipped with a 3-liter 6-cylinder engine.

· The GLS-450 is powered a by fuel three-liter 6-cylinder engine

· GLS-550 is prepared with a four. 7-liter turbocharged 8-cylinder engine.

Miscellaneous Options include adaptive damping options in conjunction with selectable modes, air suspension, and driving modes for personal alternatives. Mercedes-Benz GLS 2017 may be facilitated with Distronic Plus, Mercedes’s semi-autonomous cruise manage machine. It will function at a predetermined speed earlier than the driving force takes manage of the vehicle.


Mercedes-Benz has covered subtle adjustments in its GL-elegance, updating diverse functions from the 2013 model. The SUV class is now termed as GLS, relying upon the version of Mercedes in the query. Mercedes-Benz GLS has an up-to-date infotainment gadget using trim materials and a redesigned dashboard.

Mercedes GL class has been remodeled for twenty-first-century stylistic aesthetics. The infotainment screen has been redesigned into a floating pill look, redefining Mercedes-Benz interiors. Furthermore, the middle console, instrumental panel, and three-spoke guidance wheel had been redesigned. GLS models are normative with 3-rows of seats.

In the tech section, the GLS model is made over with sufficient alternatives. Normative tech utilities include a myriad of protection systems, including collision warning, a computerized braking system, and interest assistance for stopping drowsiness at some stage in riding. In case of emergency braking, the automobile will observe more pressure.

Added tech galore

At an extended charge, the GLS model may be bumped with incredible tech alternatives. For an extra rate, blind-spot monitoring, move-traffic detection, and lively lane-keep assist may be included. With the Active Curve System, the frame rolling for the duration of taking sharp corners is decreased. Magic Vision Control enables spray-free cleansing of the windshield.


· Optimum for lengthy-force

· Attention-grabbing indoors

· Comfortable seating


· Large length is an issue in the riding

· Added tech can be high priced

· Driving price is high