Present and Future of GPS Devices


How excellent have the previous few years been for the GPS enterprise? In the second quarter of 2005, over 1, two hundred,000 GPS devices have been sold to customers across the united states of America. In the equal sector of 2006, that number had jumped to an impressive 2,400,000 – a jump of a hundred%! But what is fueling this increase? And what does the destiny preserve for development in consumer Global Positioning System gadgets?Image result for Present and Future of GPS Devices

Read out to find out the places GPS is making the maximum impact nowadays – and the regions that could hold the important thing to the destiny of GPS gadgets for consumers and groups.

GPS Devices in Cell Phones

Once, the concept of a handheld GPS tool would have been a difficult sell. But over the following couple of years, we can count on to see an increasing number of personal GPS devices – small, less expensive and ultra-lightweight – achieving the market. Also, search for all the today’s fashions of mobile phones and advanced smart telephones to begin coming ready with actual time GPS capability.

And do not think that cell phone makers are pushing GPS technology on an unwilling public. Surveys held by 3 main mobile cellphone makers determined that GPS became the feature “maximum want to see” of their next mobile cell phone (24% said GPS, 19% said Internet capability)

GPS Devices in Cars

Once the belongings of only lengthy-distance truckers and military automobiles, GPS monitoring and navigation devices have made their manner into tens of millions of American and imported vehicles during the last numerous years. In fact, the gadgets now come preferred in several manufacturers’ luxury vehicles.

Among the advantages these in-vehicle GPS devices offer drivers:

· Live site visitors reviews delivered to the device

· Voice-activated turn-with the aid of-flip navigation

· Touch display controls on colorful, interactive maps

· Safety features consisting of automated police touch whilst the automobile has been stolen

GPS: Making the automobiles of the destiny safer

GPS engineers are starting to take their technology to the following level in phrases of driver safety. 3-D modeling technology used in lots of advanced GPS devices are actually being utilized to help cars assume turns and boundaries in the street earlier than the motive force may even turn the wheel. In these conditions, a small purple light comes on in the car, alerting the motive force of approaching a chance.

This same “Jetsons-like” generation would additionally automate shielding using by sizing up the capacity war on the street and directing the automobile inside the satisfactory way to keep away from it.

Although both appear futuristic, don’t forget the modern-day line of Lexus vehicles that may parallel park themselves – in reality, a surprise of cutting-edge engineering! All these systems use GPS primarily based technology that maintains to push the envelope.

GPS facilitates groups save cash

With GPS generation become less high priced and extra correct, business is beginning to acquire the advantages. Many organizations report significant savings in gas fees thanks to GPS systems that allow them to plan and execute the maximum green journey routes for his or her drivers. GPS also helps businesses keep their drivers more secure (and in which they’re alleged to be) through offering advanced monitoring capabilities.

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