Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger


The maximum famous running blog platform to be had is WordPress. Those using the self-hosted model have complete manage over every element of their weblog. Many who no longer need to worry about buying a host and area call and need an opportunity have to look at Blogger. I even have used Blogger and retain to apply Blogger to create a number of my blogs. While I am also the use WordPress, I like the capacity to create free blogs in mins. If you’re looking at starting a blog, here are a few motives why I nevertheless experience the use of Blogger:

It is loose. You can’t beat this fee, no matter how difficult you look. It charges not anything to create and manipulate not one blog but many blogs—Google support. Google owns Blogger. When I use Blogger, my blogs get indexed fast, and my blogs are automatically registered and established in Google’s Webmaster equipment. No need to recall to do add my weblog to Webmaster equipment.

Many to be had templates.

While there are not as many templates to be had as WordPress, there are still heaps of various Blogger weblog templates to be had to download and used.

Built-in AdSense support.

As noted above, considering that Google owns both Blogger and AdSense, it became the most effective natural that they join the 2. Blogger permits you to without problems upload AdSense ads to your blog. You can also manually upload the code as nicely if you want.


Custom domains.

By default, your blog will be assigned an address much like HTTP://[yourblogname].Blogspot.Com. Instead of using the default cope, you should purchase a website call, after which have your weblog use that domain name. Blogger assists in the usage of custom domain names.

Template design manipulates.

While Blogger does use its very own proprietary language within the templates, you have total management of the code and HTML within the template. If you study the Blogger code structure, you can do some significant matters along with your template. These are six reasons why you have to look at Blogger if you want to start a blogger. Within a couple of minutes, you may have a weblog up and walking with little or no effort.

Paul Salmon has been involved with computers for 20 years and currently works as a technical structures analyst. He has been involved in many elements of computers, including hardware, software improvement, and the excellent warranty. He presently keeps Technically Easy, a blog that offers statistics and helps with various technologies.

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