Should You Hire Internet Reputation Defenders?


Short answer — Yes.

Your company’s reputation is everything. Online reputation experts exist to defend that reputation and ensure past, present, and future clients see you as the way you see yourself. For the individual, internet reputation defenders improve an individual’s online standing. Have a bad past? Proactive services can clean that record, preventing negative information from drowning one’s future.

Still in doubt? Consider the following reasons:

Why You Should Hire Internet Reputation Defenders

For Companies: Increase Your Sales

Have you noticed a significant downturn in sales? Sometimes, a reputation crisis can be to blame. For example, non-customers may have swarmed review sites after an unfortunate incident. Or maybe a lousy business event, such as a big misprint, led to negative reviews. Those negative comments may drive away customers who don’t want the association: honest reviews are still hurting your sales. Sometimes long after, you remedied the problem.

Reputation defenders provide both proactive and reactive services. All which designed to help a company take and keep control of its online presence. This includes helping to suppress harmful content and boost positive content. Integrated team members can also help draft press releases highlighting company changes, such as switching to a different printer or supplier. Or a shift in policy in reaction to social media outrage. Whatever the reason, online reputation experts serve to stop those one-off events from dragging your company down.


For Individuals: Control Over Online Identity

Gone are the days when someone could pick up, move, and start a whole new identity. At least if you’re trying for anything but under-the-table work and renting from carefree private landlords. Today, who you are to society exists online mainly. Credit scores, past criminal activity, and even social media bouts are viewable in an advanced background check. All can get used against you.

Experienced professionals can also go a lot further than that to help suppress lousy information and highlight good. For example, say you were arrested and have a mugshot floating around the internet. That mugshot may be hurting your chances of landing a dream job or residence. An internet reputation company can help inform you how to protect your online privacy.

Online reputation experts can help you twofold. First, they can help remove those images and records from the Google-searchable internet. Second, they can help inform how to create positive stories associated with your identity. This may significantly help those individuals trying to advance in their careers or change careers altogether.

Learn More By Contacting Reputation Defenders

These are the two biggest reasons why businesses and individuals should hire internet defenders. But they are by no means the only reasons. Online reputations are only becoming increasingly more important as society increases online activities. Anyone can fall victim to a reputation crisis. Thus, everyone needs to have the tools and knowledge they need to rebound from a horrible event. Learn more about online reputation services and what we can do for you by contacting our team at NetReputation today.