Sony KDL-26EX320 Review


For its length, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is the maximum full-featured television to be had. If you no longer have the time to examine all the info, here’s a quick shape record. That can assist you in deciding on buy or no buy. Cost-wise, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is expensive for its length. However, considering all of the bells and whistles it has, most people who want this length television could be more than thrilled with their buy.

Of direction, not anything is ideal. That is the factor of view of a reviewer, now not the product design team that positioned this beautiful television together. Sony had in mind a splendid tv of this size that might stun customers with its picture first-rate and sound. As a area-saving LED display screen, the Internet, and Skype-equipped television, that is a super package.

Like full Sony televisions, the Sony KDL-26EX320 is superb looking, has excellent specifications and extra features than you would anticipate from a hard and fast length. The bottom line at the plus facet, the set is worth the money. Without beginning into all of the details on this summary, suffice it to say, the Sonny KDL-26X320 has some capabilities no longer determined on different television services available on the market. This Sony looks crisp and easy with the trademark deep black glossy end on the borders of the set. Like other Sony widescreen tv sets, it appears incredible within the showroom or even higher in your property or flat.



Although the photograph has superb visual features, I could ensure you have excellent lighting fixtures manipulated in the room where you will vicinity this television. It is nearly as though the advertising department requested the design group to cut the strength consumption at the back of the lovely images. If that were accurate, it might serve the purpose the set is a touch dimmer than I would like. Do now not misunderstand this. The photo best, clearness, and colors are notable, just a little darker than I would like.

Unique Features That Catch the Eye

It is pretty neat this length Sony TV is Skype geared up. I could not find different units of equal size with Skype functionality. Sony says you could use your smart cell phone because of the remote. I have in no way had tons of luck with that kind of arrangement, but the set comes with its personal far-flung besides so – no issues.


One nifty characteristic is the car presence sensor that modifies the set’s power settings to standby if you rise and go away. What it does if any other man or woman within the room isn’t always reasonably energetic or asleep is a question. The presence can be set on inactive, so this ought to no longer be an actual problem.

Picture Details

Other than the fact that I like extra vivid tv screens, the capacity of the Sony KDL-26EX320 to provide you with first-rate pics is just that, extremely good. The excessive element, excellent coloration intensity, and superb motion handling honestly inspired me the first time I checked out the set. I nevertheless feel they may be brilliant, and it’s been a while.

When I placed a DVD on or activated the cable TV, the equal program or DVD visible on different units light in assessment, this is the primary aspect that excites me about this Sony. I love side-by using-facet comparisons, and on this check, the KDL-26EX320 excelled. Okay, possibly the opposite display was brighter, I like that – consider – however the vivid photograph manner not anything if the satisfactory of the image is missing something. The Sony helps a dozen video formats to be able to cover most something content material you have.

The tremendous performance of the visible branch is partly because of the use of the Edge LED system that lights up the photo. The use of edge lighting fixtures permits much less electricity utilization in supplying an outstanding visible experience. The sound this Sony produces goes to surprise you. It is sudden to hear this kind of adequate sound coming from this sort of thin-set.

Internet Streaming Feature

Sony is rightfully proud of bringing the Internet to one of these quality television displays. The Internet streaming function permits you to peer on-demand content material, music channels, and, as stated earlier, Skype. If your home or flat has access to the Sony Entertainment Network, you have an excellent package deal. The aggregate of the Sony network for content material and this television turned into all a part of the plan for Sony.

Surfing the Internet on any television is not similar to using your computer, PC, or laptop. That is only viable when you have the PC or PC connect, which is feasible to the KDL-26EX320. It is simply not very cozy navigating with a remote or clever cellphone. This trouble isn’t always particular to Sony and indeed not to simply this set.

So I observe the Internet streaming, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype capacity as “great to have” capabilities. Still, I do not see myself using Sony as my foremost factor of Internet get entry. Maybe this is just me. Any tv I overview that purports having Internet get admission to gets equal comments from me. At least up to now, they do.

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