South Korea: Traveling by Car


There are essential variations while traveling by car rather than with bus or education in South Korea. First, the ability to forestall willy-nilly anywhere the heck your choice, and it’s miles your responsibility to pay for gasoline and toll costs. Because gas charges in South Korea are charged using the liter (a quart), we were invited on a street trip to Gyeongju in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Gyeongju is well-known for its artifacts, ruins, and relics from the Shilla Dynasty, fifty-seven BC to 935 AD. In addition to the Shilla Dynasty, the encompassing mountains and valleys keep a plethora of antiquity. The Gyeongju National Parks have hundreds of hiking trails, Buddhist carvings, shrines, stone pagodas, and temples. Significant points of interest to study are the massive green mounds housing tombs rolling across the cityscape called tumuli.

Starting from Paju city within the northwestern corner of South Korea, the drive might take five and a half hours to get to Gyeongju on one gas tank. Our departing time becomes 5 o’clock within the morning, traveling down dual carriageway 23 into the outskirts of Seoul connecting to highway a hundred. Highway one hundred loops the entire metropolis and has several tollbooths connected, charging 1,000 won to enter each section.

South Korea

Once at the toll road, we might pressure until it met up with Parkway 1, paying any other toll of 1,000 gained and continuing our adventure south. Two hours and fifteen minutes later, we pulled off at a roadside rest stop to use the restroom, clutching a cup of java, some snacks, and replenishing the automobile. Ninety-two 000 gained later, we pulled back out onto the throughway, continuing the journey south.

As the sun rose over the horizon line, the auto zigged via the agricultural geographical region, zagging lower back throughout the small mountain towns. An ever-stagnant farmland landscape with plows, rice machinery, and farm homes piling up at the edge of the limited-access highway. A scene of both poverty and wealth stretching out as far as the eye could see.

Just shy of three hours later, we reached the outskirts of Gyeongju, pausing on the tollbooth decorated with traditional Shilla Dynasty roofing to pay the price ticket price of 15,900 received. The toll fee’s purpose turned into highly large than the preceding ones turned into distance covered among tollbooths. After an afternoon and a half of visitors, sports masking Anapji Pond, Bulguk-a temple, the Gyeongju National Museum, a hike on Namsan Mountain to Chilbulam hermitage, visiting Seokguram Grotto, and a walk-thru Tumuli Park to get a glimpse of the ways east’s oldest observatory: Cheonmachong.

We repacked the automobile, bought gasoline, liquids, and snacks, then drove out the Gyeongju tollgate returned onto parkway one heading north into the Sunday afternoon sunshine. Our selection to leave earlier within the day changed to skip site visitors in Seoul later that nighttime. There are two reasons for site visitors on a Sunday night, an automobile accident or congestion. Just shy of Suwon city, an hour south of Seoul, we observed visitors.

Our motive force was hoping for a twist of fate no longer congestion because congestion can last up to 24 hours. While explaining this, we have become aware of the numerous tow vehicles sitting on the brink of the throughway. We had been informed they have been looking ahead to automobile accidents in an effort to fee exorbitant costs and make off like thieves. Thankfully our go-back ride became unimpeded the rest of our adventure lower back to the geographical region of Paju-si.

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