The American Indians I Have Known


I’m indeed European initially, and my history includes Scottish, English, German and Irish. These are the corporations that I realize, although my grandmother becomes an orphan partially raised in a convent. One aspect of my family has been right here because of the Revolutionary War, so I’m confident we’ve had many contacts with the American Indians. The Scottish facet of my own family escaped persecution from the English around 1600 or so, so I’m very American and, in all likelihood, very jumbled together with a family tree.

When I was approximately twelve years antique, I met the maximum top-notch friend. She was very famous, and I didn’t think she could talk to me. I became incorrect and met her complete family, which consisted of Dad and Mom, and a sister. Her mother turned into Irish and Choctaw (department of the Cherokee). My pal and I would stay collectively for days, and her sister became regularly covered in our activities.

We rode the horses they owned, traveled the grass-blanketed hills, and played video games around the kitchen desk. Her mom became so amusing to be with, as she did not try to act young however she became very young at coronary heart. She favored going with us on all of our sports, including bowling, horse shows, and shopping.

My friend’s sister was a champion horseback rider. She rode in gymkhana contests, which might be western, in English riders’ games which included hurdle jumping. We saw video games running around three barrels at top velocity and horsemanship with western saddles and bridles in gymkhana. We traveled to many locations to peer those contests.


We visited two of the most thrilling locations in Pine Valley, within the mountains above San Diego and Santa Barbara. At Pine Valley, we slept outside in sleeping baggage inside the cold night, even as my pal’s dad and mom slept in a small trailer they brought with them. In Santa Barbara, my pal’s sister won awards for all of Southern California. She became a splendid horsewoman.

My buddy and I also rode all the time. Mostly we roamed the hills. I rode “Snippo”, an old gelding, and my friend rode “Cindy”, an ex-rodeo horse. Cindy failed to like to be touched anywhere around her flanks, and they bucked me off constantly. She favored Carol better, but she crow-hopped with each people, leaping up and down on all four legs. She was a stunning palomino. My pal’s sister had a young, high-priced area horse she used in horse shows. That horse turned into excessive-lively and was most effectively ridden by way of my friend’s sister.

One time we rode out to the hills, about 1/2 mile from my buddy’s domestic, and determined to take the reins off of the horses. We had been driving bareback, without a saddle, so we just released the horses from their head tools. What a concept! We even gave them a touch swat on the behind, no longer imagining that they could take off for who is aware of where.

We needed to slowly find our manner again home and face the lousy assignment of telling my pal’s father. We informed them they got away, and he wasn’t furious. But he knew we had taken the reins off. He found them within the yards of the pals who lived above the hills where we frequently roamed. I’ve in no way been so relieved in all my life.

My buddy and I attended junior excessive and high school together. She had a few boyfriends and spent a good deal of her time with them. One changed into a neighborhood Indian boy, and they might pass dancing at Bostonia Ballroom, where all of the cowboys could give. They had been excellent dancers, and to these days, my pal is a professional hula dancer.

We accomplished together in choir, an expertise display, marching corps, and modern-day dance club. She is a natural dancer with mild feet and a precise rhythm, while I generally prefer performing and performing. We often planned curler skating workouts and skits to carry out for pals. Her mom changed into additionally a super seamstress and made my clothes in addition to my friend’s. I became made to experience part of her family, and they treated me like a daughter. This buddy and I nevertheless speak, and we’re both in our overdue 60’s.

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