Top 10 Free Android Apps for the Year 2010


Although the Apple iPhone and its excellent deal-loaded iOS platform have modified the face of cellular telephones and its makes use of, Google Android’s open-supply platform is fast catching up and gaining its loyal fans. With the massive number of packages (or apps) available for download, the Android app saves, loads of Android phone customers can now make the maximum out of their cell devices- for business, amusement, endeavor, or games. But, while there are loads and masses of loose android apps to be had, understand that there can be a whole lot of apps that are not so incredible. We’ll help you locate the fine ones from the Android app save by supplying you with ten of the pinnacle unfastened Android apps this yr.

1. Free Android Advanced Task Killer Application.

This free android app assists you in maximizing the speed and performance of your android cellphone. Remember, even though Android phones can multitask (something that pre-iPhone four customers can’t experience), this could hog up valuable reminiscence and drain your battery. Use the Advanced Task Killer to quit tasks and apps which could slow down your cellphone.

2. Astrid.

Science and research state that we can only shop approximately four to 7 things in our quick-term reminiscence. It’s an excellent factor you have got Astrid and your Android cellphone to the rescue! This nifty unfastened Android app can help you tune reminders, obligations, and errands and even organize them according to precedence or due date. A tiny and lovely caricature octopus (“Astrid”) even acts as your very own private assistant and reminds you of upcoming occasions.

Android Apps

3. Dolphin Browser.

iPhones might also have the proprietary Safari. However, androids have Dolphin Browser. This loose android app makes cellular browsing easier and lots more fun, with pinch-zoom, gesture instructions, tabbed browsing, bookmarks sorting, and more.

4. Foursquare.

Instead of simply letting your friends recognize where you went for dinner, show them precisely in which you’ve been with Foursquare. Using Google Maps, friends can check where you’re, and you may additionally see wherein they’ve been. You can even discover eating places, cafes, and stores nearby thru your phone. Remember to consist of Foursquare while you download android apps!


5. Google Sky Map.

Have the heavens for your hands-actually through downloading this from Android app stores. Google Sky Map helps you look at the constellations and the planets and even helps you put names on stars. GPS navigation also lets you peer the precise function of stars and planets in keeping with your location.

6. Mint.

This app, available in Android app stores, will let you preserve the tune of your private finances on the pass. Input your daily costs and transactions, so you know wherein your money’s going. You may even maintain monthly finances and check out your general cash drift with this open android application.

7. Replica Island.

Relive the fun days of Mari Brothers and MegaMan on your android phone with this exciting and lovely sport. Replica Island lets you navigate an adorable, inexperienced robotic thru forty specific levels, every with various ranges of difficulty.

8. Talk to Me.

Communicate with people from all around the international, irrespective of race or nationality, with this on hand and unfastened Android app. Type in any text and Talk to Me will translate it into any of the 40 distinctive languages available. You can also talk to it, and the app will speak returned to you in Chinese, German, Spanish, French… The listing goes on and on!

9. Bubble Beats.

Have you ever questioned how it might be want to see a song? Well, Bubble Beats affords the solution to that question with its unique and innovative interface. Free from Android app shops, Bubble Beat is a jukebox of kinds that lets you assign colored bubbles or dots to positive tracks. You can then create playlists by using grouping bubbles together. Never has taken note of song been this fun!

10. Ringdroid.

Are you bored with the same antique dull ringtones and message indicators? Then download this free android app. Ringdroid allows you to document and edit sounds, as well as create ringtones. It’s like your own little music studio inner your mobile telephone! Make the maximum out of Google’s open supply platform and your nifty Android smartphone! The available, amusing, and modern loose android apps listed above show that often, the first-class things in existence are the ones that you do not should pay for. So, head on for your favorite Android app store and start downloading these apps now!

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