Top 5 Things to do in Quapaw Quarter, Little Rock, this Winter


Little Rock is a great area; nothing stands out as much as Quapaw Quarter! This area is full of history, art, fantastic food, and a lot of fun, unlike any other location! Here are the top five things to do and why you should check it out soon! 

Tour the Quapaw Quarter - A Look at Little Rock's Historic Architecture - About Little Rock

1- Visit the Gardens Indoors and Out

The Bernice Garden is one of the most incredible destinations anyone could visit while in Little Rock. Here you can enjoy checking out the history of the gardens and learn why gardening doesn’t stop just because the temperatures drop! Although it’s not what the original building was, since it’s gone through lives of being fast food, a hotel, and more, it’s now a gorgeous sign of community and sustainability. 

2- Tour the Governor’s Mansion

Although you won’t find this incredible home on any list of Little Rock houses for sale, it’s still worth a tour! Also known as the home of the people of Arkansas, this mansion has been the living quarters of 45 Arkansas governors. The interior is as closely preserved to the original architecture as possible, and you can still walk through even though the current governor lives there!  

Some countless events and celebrations happen here every year, so keep an eye out for some happening the winter you’re in town. 

3- Check Out the Fine Arts

Art is a big deal to Little Rock; nowhere can you see that better than the Fine Arts Club of Arkansas. Nearly 110 years old, the club didn’t build a physical location until the 1960s. This museum walks you through art by people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs, allowing you to see how we’re all intertwined. This is a great stop for anyone who wants to feel a real connection to the Little Rock area.  

4- Explore the Tower Building 

If you’ve never been to the Tower Building, you’re in for a treat! Here you can explore the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History and learn about the military history of this area from the 1800s until the modern days. You can also explore the incredible art and history displayed here and a walkthrough of what has made Little Rock into the physical city it is today.

5- Take in a Show at the Arkansas Repertory Theater

Nearly 50 years old, this theater is entertaining and active to this day. Offering stage productions that are both nationally known and are showing for the first time, you’ll love the chance to support local theater in one of Little Rock’s most famous buildings. Although less than 500 people can sit in the theater at any time, they still go all out for productions and make you feel like you’re part of the magic.  

Little Rock Knows How to Have a Great Time

Whether you’re in town for a weekend or moving to the area, Little Rock knows how to have a great time! Consider checking out some of these amazing sights and experiences here! 

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