Why Is the Blogger Platform an Excellent Blogging Platform?


If you need to select a running blog platform to create a new weblog, you will choose numerous alternatives. Different types of bloggers can avail varying advantages from each forum, but if you are a newbie, the proper Blogger platform is the right blogging platform for you. You might be curious why Blogger is suitable for you. While there are numerous motives you must select Blogger, however, following are the essential features that make it best for you.

Convenience of Use

If you’ve got by no means created a weblog earlier then, then the Blogger platform will provide you with the opportunity the use your creativity. You may not have to research too many codes, and also, you won’t have to spend time figuring out to apply this blogging platform. A superb venue for novices is obtainable via Blogger, at the same time as it additionally has good options that make it similarly remarkable for skilled bloggers.


As a method of income thru associates and ad revenue, many bloggers are curious about earning via their blogs. The Blogger platform has a tab the use of which Amazon associate and Google AdSense programs can be integrated. HTML widgets that are handy to use are also to be had, and different sorts of associates and ads can be protected from their usage.


Distinct Designs

A myriad of templates for Blogger may be discovered online. This way, an excellent search for a blog can be created without difficulty. A template of format from an internet site wherein these templates are to be had without cost can be downloaded and uploaded using the Blogger platform’s dashboard. This way, the weblog layout can be made to fit the imaginative and prescient of how you plan your blog to appear.

URL Freedom

A “dot blog post” URL may be used with Blogger free, and a domain name may be bought at the Blogger website, or an already owned area name can be used. This way, you may start with URL without spending a dime until you’re sure that your blog is doing right or whether or not you’ll be buying a website called for the weblog. The Blogger platform additionally has settings options using which the URL of the blog can be easily modified.


Everything from social network hyperlinks and news feeds to a sidebar calendar is protected in the widgets available at Blogger. The dashboard in Blogger that may be located under the layout tab may be used for using and gaining access to those widgets quickly. For most, blogging frequently proves profitable and fun; however, things are not equal for beginners.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to search for a platform where you will get the opportunity to study how to use every blog feature to create a final product to be attractive to readers. If you are getting commenced, then the Blogger platform is the precise blog platform for you that will help you create a strong internet presence and perhaps even earn through your weblog.