Womb to Tomb Computing



Computers are anywhere. We rely upon computer systems for many things that we do each day of our lives. Many of the machines that we use have microprocessors that enable them to characteristic well. The clever telephones that many humans deliver in their arms are greater effective than some of the earlier computer systems developed for the duration of the 20 Century.

The Use of Computers Spreading

More and more extraordinary human beings use computers each day at houses where they live and in offices wherein they work. Computers are even to be had in lots of resorts or using their guests. This makes it possible for humans to use computer systems even when they tour or neglect to carry their laptop computer systems with them. Some of the more prominent eating places and espresso store chains have also started supplying an unfastened Internet connection to entice more clients.

Computers Are At the Center of Everything in Society

Much of the modern world is software program-driven. I am positive someone has stated that “There is an app for the whole lot, and for the whole thing, there may be an app.” Suppose no one else has stated that earlier then, I will take credit for it.


In modern-day societies, laptop chips and software are running silently behind the curtain to ensure that things are functioning smoothly. Modern society relies on computers to this kind of high-quality volume that it is difficult to conceive of going lower back to an international without computers.

Computers Help Us in Every Walk of Life

Computers already help us from start to die in lots of areas of life. Doctors use computers to assist them in diagnosing sufferers and prescribing the remedy. We use computers to study in and outside of faculties. Almost every job that we do requires using computer systems. We even use computers to look and follow for jobs. How approximately socializing with others? Two phrases will be more significant than the solution that query: Facebook and Twitter.

Computers Are Becoming Smaller and Smaller

Some of the sooner digital computers were, without a doubt, massive and, compared to modern computers, pretty restricted in their abilities. Desktop pc appears to be significant in comparison to pill PCs. Computers are becoming smaller and smaller. Eventually, scientists will expand such small computers that they’ll be invisible to the bare human eye. In the now not too distance destiny, it’s miles attainable that computers can be so small that many of them could be capable of suit inner a human mobile.

Womb to Tomb Computing

I boldly predict that by using the 12 months 2025, we can see the delivery and increase of what may be known as “womb to tomb computing.” People can ingest nano-bio-computers or NBC’s with a purpose to constantly screen and acquire data from various components of the body that medical specialists can utilize to take corrective and healing motions.

Those humans who pick out no longer to ingest NBC’s can wear them on their bodies in the shape of garb or jewelry. The NBC’s that can be changed and upgraded periodically will continue to help humans as they grow and mature by providing statistics and computational abilities that might be suitable for the needs of people at various tiers in their lives. At the time of the death of a man or woman, the NBC can be buried or cremated at the side of their host.

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