Women Power Bloggers


According to the Pew Internet Project’s PIP Blogging Report, forty-six % of bloggers are girls, and the numbers are growing ordinary. However, many female bloggers are barely disenchanted with the absence of recognition in their industry. After a week of studies, I asked myself why girls are not extra prominent at the net? Of all of the weblog ranking lists, besides fashion and superstar blogs, a mean of 12% of girls appear within the top a hundred of every list. And a few assets have the nerve to suppose that fashion blogs are “private diaries of style”“. After doing some studies, I realized why such a lot of bloggers and readers these days perceive women bloggers in a different way than guys:


Many men bloggers don’t link to ladies bloggers
Less than 10% of ladies are political bloggers
60% of girls-created blogs are labeled as “private diaries.”
Nearly 88% of pinnacle bloggers are white American guys.
Some guys do not respect being lectured by using ladies
Instead of studying RSS feeds and researching listing after list, I decided to head at once to the source to get different solutions and find out how girls strength bloggers reached achievement, how they attain their readers, and what they think about the discrimination closer to expert girls bloggers in cutting-edge blogging network.

I communicated with four very exceptional girls bloggers (Chanel Ward/Hip Candy, Charlene Li/Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed using Social Technologies, Michele Obi/My Fashion Life, and Julie Strietelmeier/The Gadgeteer) and requested them the equal five questions:

What is the focus of your blog, and why did you pick this precise niche?
If you can describe your readers in three sentences or less, what could you say?
How has running a blog superior to your profession?
On common, the handiest 12% of ladies bloggers are featured on top one hundred lists. Why do you observe that is?
If you could give one phrase of recommendation to girls bloggers these days, what would it be?

After speaking with those women, I found out that an “energy blogger” has not had anything to do with your ranking on a list; however, the fine of your posts, the awareness of your reader’s needs, and the capability to look beyond repute and fortune and live authentic in your issue remember. This is part one of a two-element series proposing girls bloggers who have modified how the world perspectives them and their readers. Today’s featured blogger is Chanel Ward from Hip Candy and Charlene Li from Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed via Social Technologies.

Chanel Ward / Hip Candy

It’s hard to pick one of my preferred blogs. However, Hip Candy could be very close to my coronary heart. From the tagline, “candy… But now not in that fattening type a manner” to the blog’s owner, Chanel Ward, Hip Candy is sparkling, thrilling, and new.

Fashion clothier/image artist/author Chanel Ward was featured as 225 Magazine’s Top People To Watch in 2008 and for the proper purpose. After being the voice for America’s Next Top Model Interviews and one of the finalists for Project Runaway’s fan-favorite blogs, this fashionista turned into invited to experience and write about Fashion Week and is soon launching the plenty anticipated garb line Hip Couture. Blazing a trail of character and fashion, her blog and her profession have an existence of their own, but don’t take my phrase for it.