You can now create AR filters without problems with Snap Lens Studio


At Snap Partner Summit 2019, Snap introduced the up-to-date Lens Studio app with all-new templates and approaches to create. A new Lens template called Landmarks allows creators to construct Lenses that may remodel iconic landmarks in real-time. Snap has additionally announced new templates for hand-tracking, frame-monitoring, and more. Yesterday, Snap announced Lens Studio 2.1 that makes it even simpler to create AR filters.

Snap is introducing a new interactive tour so one can manual you thru the Lens introduction process step-by way of-step. Even if you are new to the AR Lens introduction technique, you can jump appropriately in. Snap has additionally added begin-display screen content material that offers helpful guidelines and updates. Snap also announced the following new templates:
Skeletal: No bones about it; it’s right here! Track 2D photos to necks, shoulders, and elbows to create sweet joint collabs!

AR filters

Face In Video: Track that quiet face onto a video!
Hair Color: New hair who dis? Switch things up with clean tones from root and tip!
Makeup: Smoothly put your face with AR lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow, and more significant.
Countdown: Ready, set, customize! Create Lenses that depend down to specific dates and add celebratory 3D hats and glasses.
Portrait Particles: Jazz matters up with custom-designed debris that segment at the back of the user’s head – Decorate with headers, footers, and submit-results.
Landmarks, ahoy! : New Landmarks are popping up all over the globe. Experiment with new locations like the Gateway of India and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.