3 High-Tech Twists for Your Press Release


Thanks to the virtual age, the traditional press release has gone excessive-tech. Combining content material with visual and interactive elements will set your communications apart. Here are three twists at the conventional press launch that let you cut via the clutter and stand out amongst your competitors.

Social Media News Release

The social media information release (also called multimedia news release) is designed for our online world. This layout permits you to integrate the traditional factors of a press release, including a headline, content material, statistics, quotes, and boilerplate alongside photographs, audio, video, and links on your website and social media channels.

Not only is this a splendid tactic to attain reporters who are increasingly more dependent on the Web for story thoughts and research, but it’s also an effective manner to draw bloggers, customers, and most of the people. This layout lets you inform your tale, add pix, video, keywords, links… Even your personal customized tweet.


Access, Reach and Connect

Multivu/PR Newswire these days got here out with a nifty product known as the Access, Reach, and Connect (ARC) engagement platform that distributes multimedia and social media content material throughout multiple digital channels. The ARC platform lets you engage with media, bloggers, and target audiences by using an accessible and interactive layout disbursed through PR Newswire’s community.

Developed as a loose-standing, interactive media participant and landing web page, the platform gives the potential to mix and distribute video, multimedia, pictures, coupons, and promotional content material. As users interact with the platform, it analyzes online interest analyses, monitors actual-time impressions, views, and streams, and tracks social media hobbies. The drawback? It can be a high-priced alternative, although well worth the investment for the right marketing campaign.


While I can produce a decent pencil comic strip while pressed, I would not recollect myself as extraordinarily creative. However, I can respect the beauty of good design, a stunningly composed photo, and a neatly packaged magazine spread. That’s why I simply love infographics. An infographic is an appropriate aggregate of splendor and intelligence, an effective and attractive tool to talk with media and customers.

And if you hadn’t observed, infographics are taking the Web with the aid of typhoons. This can be an amazingly viral PR tool to demonstrate survey results, tell humans approximately a method, exhibit an organization’s increase, expect traits, jazz up technical information, and so on. Journalists love testimonies rich with records. Make their lives less complicated, and the package deals with facts in an infographic. If you’ve got restricted time and resources, point out to your media contact that they will be able to take your statistics to create their infographic.