Backpacking Information on South Korea


– Population: forty eight.2 million (UN, 2005)
– Capital: Seoul
– Area: 99,313 sq.Km (38,345 squaremiles)
– Major language: Korean
– Major religions: Buddhism, Christianity
– Life expectancy: seventy three years (men), eighty years (women) (UN)
– Monetary unit: gained

This southern 1/2 of the Korean peninsula is the world’s window to Korea having maintained affable diplomatic relations with a hundred and seventy nations within the international. South Korea has been constructing up a tourism profile that is progressively however outstandingly gaining international repute with the slogan “Sparkling Korea”. A surely outstanding tradition, the brand new “Korea Wave” that flooded Asia is now opening itself to a bigger global target audience sharing with the world its present day and elegant pop movie and music cultures and slicing facet generation. With an excessive-tech industrialized economic system, South Korea is the home of pinnacle digital and vehicle manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Kia incomes its spot as the 12th biggest economic system inside the international.Image result for Backpacking Information on South Korea


South Korea lies at 37 00 127 30 E with a complete area of a hundred,032.00 km2 (38,622.57 mi2). The greater part of South Korea’s topography is mountainous, with an ecologically sound 65% of the land area still comprised of forests and woodlands way to its afforestation applications. Only a meager 30% is arable lowlands. The maximum point of the place is Halla-san, an extinct volcano in Jeju, at 1,950 meters (6,398 toes), even as the Sea of Japan is the lowest factor at 0 meters elevation. Seoul is the notorious capital of South Korea. The vicinity currently addresses ecological worries involving air pleasant and acid rains, in addition to deforestation brought approximately by way of rampant industrialization.


The weather in South Korea can be described as both humid continental climate or humid subtropical weather. Just as it is the North, South Korea reviews harshly cold winters and warm and humid summers. Summers are madly moist with the complete yr’s attention of rainfall at the months of June through September. The average Seoul temperature in January is -2.Five°C, and is going a high 29.5°C in August.


As of March 19, 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau’s International Data Base (IDB) estimates a populace of forty eight,636,000 in South Korea. South Korea is also appeared as an ethnically homogenous populace in which 99.Nine% are Koreans and the rest are a small Chinese minority.


The North and South Korea are grounded on the identical conventional cultures with heavy Chinese and Japanese influences. The differences arose from how they personally developed aside upon its division in 1945. South Korea’s cultural endeavours are to renowned and include worldwide affects as a part of their cutting-edge identity, even as North Korea, however, pursuits at undoing them.


KOREAN (Han-UK) is also the authentic language of the location, much like the Korean spoken inside the north, with dialect variations so diffused that the language is jointly intelligible. South Korea is likewise one of the most linguistically homogenous countries within the international with over forty-eight million speakers. Code-blending or overseas terms sandwiched in Korean sentences are widely frequent and use of the Hanja or Chinese writing characters is occasional. South Korea’s writing machine is also much like the North’s and is named as Hangul. JAPANESE is likewise broadly used inside the vicinity.

ENGLISH is the proposed 2d language taught from preschool to college-level schooling, but South Korea still feels a want to strengthen English abilities thru education and different English packages to improve national competitiveness.


South Korea practices multi-religiosity however 50% of the populace are undefined religiously, making it an atheist state because of the North. Christianity is the maximum dominant faith with forty-nine % of the aforementioned 1/2 practicing it, whilst Buddhism falls at a not-so-distant second with forty-seven %. Other minor religions are Shamanism, Confucianism, and the traditional Chondogyo (Heavenly Way).


The tourism industry of South Korea holds a lot to boast with 8 UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites, 20 national parks, eco-parks which include the Bosong Tea Field and Suncheon Bay Eco Park inSouth Jeolla, numerous towns of precise interest and function like bustling Busan or historic Gyeongju, and herbal wonders and treasures that run infinitely. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites lists as.

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