Good Web Design – Why There’s So Little


Most small internet site proprietors rely nearly absolutely on themselves or their net developer to create an excellent website design without them simply knowing what suitable internet design is. Based on my eight years of experience in website design and optimization for traffic and search engines like google and yahoo, I can say with a good buy of assurance; many web builders do not know what good net layout views are based on the individual evaluation of masses of websites which in many cases appearance appropriate on the surface to the untrained eye, but while evaluated more closely, are both expected to poorly designed websites, bad websites, or suck.

After all, all and sundry can name themselves a website clothier after just growing one internet site, either their personal or for a pal or relative. Most website designers are self-taught and haven’t any qualifications of any type that relate to the process. I’m not saying there may be whatever is incorrect with being self-taught. However, loads rely upon wherein and from whom you analyze and what length of apprenticeship you serve in internet design. Bestwebgallery.Com, a showcase internet site standard of many exhibit websites for accurate internet site designs, has described what exceptional design is to them (consistent with the assertion on their website):

Quality internet layout = Visual + Technical + Creativity.

The trouble with a definition like this is it focuses on the creative and visual elements of design that are simplest of interest to different internet site designers meaning to create something that pushes the boundaries even in addition within the identical path. It also absolutely ignores whether the internet site matches the reason it needs to have been designed. Most websites do not want to be stunningly beautiful to serve a motive, and they do not want to be “technical” either.

Many web developers assume they need to be “creative” and set out to layout a website by no means seen before or one which behaves in an entirely new and original way. This regularly leads to an excessively graphical and now and again technically complicated website design with an unconventional format and navigation that virtually creates more problems than it solves.

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These “great web layout” capabilities may also provoke another designer. Still, it generally wins no prizes or favors from the general public site visitors who commonly do not visit a website to respect the design. Many web developers seem reason on re-inventing the wheel in preference to gazing the mounted design conventions that visitors to a website are acquainted with. They also seem to have forgotten the basic K.I.S.S. Rule of design that’s Keep It Simple Stupid. So, having stated high-quality or exact website design isn’t about Visual, Technical, or Creativity, just what ought to or not it’s?

Good Web Design = Satisfying Visitors

There are two beautiful agencies of traffic to an internet site that a good website design needs to meet, and they may be people and search engines like google and yahoo. Some website designers will argue that designing a website for search engines is not essential or a waste of time. Although I prefer to layout websites with search engines, I do not have trouble if other web designers do not present an alternative plan.


If an internet dressmaker doesn’t design for the search engines like google, they want to have an opportunity plan to get site visitors to the internet site, and they ought to explain this plan to the site proprietor. There is no factor in designing the finest internet site even if there aren’t any means of attracting traffic to the website.

An appropriate internet layout also needs to satisfy the people who go to the website. Suppose an internet clothier creates an internet site that attracts traffic through seo ( search engine optimization ) or other techniques. In that case, this could be wasted if the site fails to meet enough of these visitors when they come.

By satisfying visitors, I mean presenting visitors with the information, services, or products they came to the internet site searching out and doing it satisfyingly to the traveler. If the website is supposed to sell products and offerings, the design should also transform enough site visitors into income or satisfy the online website owner.

If it doesn’t do all this, then it is NOT a good website design! When deciding what is or isn’t always the exact internet design, I use two checklists. One tick list is for evaluating a web page, and the opposite checklist is for evaluating the complete internet site. The internet web page evaluation checklist examines over a hundred and fifty elements of the exact page layout. The website checklist examines over a hundred and twenty components of the same website design. In an attempt to discover some desirable best website designs in 2011 that meet my requirements for accurate web layout, I released an outstanding net design award with a $500 prize for the prevailing entry.