Past Life – Wanting to Know Who I Was in My Past-Life


Before we tread into the area of Past Life, we need to recognize the existing and the destiny cautiously. Before indulging in our Past Life, we additionally want to understand the motive of existence adventure as an entire. Starting from the beginning. Inside the chronological order because the evolution befell… We shall find that we began the journey as an Amoeba (unmarried mobile formation). This changed into the primary manifestation which occurred within the life of each Human Being.

Traveling similarly into the Past Life, we find the evolutionary inclinations existing inside every living being brought about this single cell formation to multiply into the cellular construction and, in the end, multi-mobile organisms. (All those from the center of a past life of each Human Being). With time. The multi-cellular organism advanced into an insect, then into flowers, an animal, and in the end, as a Human Being. It takes an average of about 7. Three million manifestations before each adventure culminate into the extent of a Human Being. A lengthy experience of nearly 80 earthly million years!

This is by way of no standard a small adventure by way of our Soul (Atman) current inside every residing being. HWhiletalking about past lifestyles, we also need to remember that the journey is being undertaken by using the Soul within each dwelling being and our frame… However, the take place from is the outer masking for each Soul (Atman), which is necessitated for our Soul (Atman), can not remove the trash from within on its own. It calls for a body for this purpose.

Our Soul (Atman) in no way wants to look back into the Past Life. Then why is it so that the manifest frame? The form of a Human Being strongly desires to appear again in the past life. We know very well that it is not feasible to retrace our steps and walk into our Past Life. Still, the choice inside most humans to appear back into the Past Life could be very robust.

Why is it so? Why can we not get out of the clutches of the remembrances of our Past Life (if any) forever? Is it by any approach viable to look again into the Past Life… No, it isn’t in the way of a mean Human to look again into the Past Life; however, some astrologers and those with Tantric powers can look lower back into our Past Life. But to what avail!



Trying to look returned into the Past Life incorporates no that means… What we had been in our Past Life, what is our relationship with our Past Life, perhaps after understanding a few incidents of the Past Life we may be able to change our destiny life… Is the wish of many, why?

Why will we fail to remember that any such phenomenon of reflecting into the Past Life is not accepted via God the Almighty? Had it been so… Each Human Being, as a substitute for every residing being, would have remembered all the occasions of the past lives… However, the fact is virtually unfavorable? We no longer bring even faint reminiscences of our Past-Life the instant we step into the prevailing existence.

Remember for a second that you come to understand that the quality friend in this life was the purpose of your death in the immediate Past Life. Would you be capable of delivering the identical dating as you are doing it now? Maybe. By no means! Also, in case you come to recognize that you were born into the house of your gift parents to avenge your death in one in all your beyond lives. Then what would be your destiny in this life? Would you still supply identical respect to your dad and mom? Or perhaps you cross a step similarly and turn out to be the purpose of the demise of your dad and mom in this life!

The general crux of the Past Life is relegated with the aid of the energy of Karma. It is Karma and Karma by myself which plays a critical position from one manifestation to another. The entire residual balance of our acts and omissions in specific lifestyles is carried ahead to the next life only via the manner of Karma. As we perform, so let’s get… Nothing more or much less!

Whatever became the result of our in advance manifestation led us to the following image. Suppose the balance of Karma ended in our being born inside the residence of a cobbler. Then, never it turned into viable that we’d have been taken inside the house of a king. Yet, suppose we desire so in the present life. In that case, we need to perform the Karma for this reason inside the current existence and simplest if the stability of Karma inside the present life at the fag end of existence allows our being born within the house of a king inside the next manifestation. It will be so, and none can exchange our destiny!

On the contrary… If the Karma (the actions finished with the aid of us in totality) ended employing us inside the gift existence demands our being born in a farmer’s residence in the next life, then it shall keep proper. Come something may additionally! None can change the future of any being except the being himself. Even God the Almighty, who constantly acts as an onlooker (Dhrishta as we call it in Hinduism), by no means interferes inside this operating.

The balance of Karma from one existence to another gets exceeded directly to the subsequent lifestyles via the complicated chromosome technique, which gets activated at some point of the union of the mother and father. The child consequently born contains the stability karma of all of the preceding lives one has lived. It is aike the balance of money owed in a stability sheet wthat gets carried ahead from three hundred and sixty-five days to another.

If we are speaking of the year 2004, then we’re best worried with the last stability of the year 2003 for the ultimate peace of the yr 2002 became already incorporated inside the balance sheet of the yr 2003. We must also consider that the prevailing phase of life is part of the whole journey of eight.4 million manifestations that could occur inside the lifestyles of a Soul (Atman as in Hinduism). At the quiet of the trip, the Soul liberates forever from the cycle of delivery and demise… And finally, the Human Being is stated to gain Salvation (Moksha in Hinduism).

The journey for the Soul from the primary manifestation as an ameba to the last image as a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, or prophet Mohammed. Is spread over most of 8.Four million manifestations. It is only structured upon each Human Being while one wants to curtail the journey and obtain the country of Salvation (Moksha).