Steps To Be A Self Employed It Tech


So you are tired of your boss? Are you unwell of Hawaiian blouse days, workplace politics, being underpaid, and usually getting a crappy present out of your agency’s secret Santa? So was I. So I quit. I had a concept approximately strolling my personal IT help corporation for a long time, but the notion of not understanding where my next meal will come from constantly dissuaded me.

Fortunately, once I started my organization and discovered some classes, I by no means had to worry about my finances or the quantity of commercial enterprise I had. In reality, inside three months of beginning, I became turning down clients because I became just too busy. I’m going to inform you of the stairs I took to start and develop my very own IT aid business enterprise.

Get Licensed

The first matter you will want to do while starting up on this subject is getting certified to your country to do enterprise. IT paintings do not require any special bonds or maybe a business license in my country and town. Your kingdom may range. I did but sign up my organization name and include it with the domain. This is needed for our subsequent step.

Open up commercial enterprise financial institution money owed

The subsequent thing I did change into open up a 2nd bank account entirely for commercial enterprise functions. It is always an excellent concept to have a separate checking account out of your checking account for tax functions. Accountants and the IRS don’t adore it while you mix commercial enterprise with private, which brings me to my next point.


Have an exit method

Before I even commenced operating for my first purchaser, I knew precisely how an awful lot I needed to make inside the first month and the way long I turned into inclined to live off of Top Ramen earlier than I might name it quits. I additionally laid out a complete plan of what companies I could follow to paintings for if worse got here to worse. Doing this allowed me peace of thought, knowing that if I made a huge mistake (which I did not), I could still meet my simple desires.

Set month-to-month dreams

It would help if you had a whiteboard. You can choose them up from any trendy shop in conjunction with some dry erase markers for $15 to $20. Now write down your intention for the month. When I started my business, I aimed to find three companies and ten home clients a month. After a few months, I then started to set a greenback quantity that I desired to earn, and after each takes a look at, I might begin subtracting from that quantity. Trying to make that range go to 0 kept me influenced and jogged my memory that I become heading in the right direction.

Announce yourself to the arena

Now to the juicy stuff, it’s time to open up the store and start marketing your services. Earlier than you do anything, the first element is passed down to a Kinkos and spring for some commercial enterprise playing cards. Yours have to say corporation call, your call, cellphone quantity and matters which includes “Computer Repair” “Networking” “Troubleshooting” “Virus Removal” etc.

If deciding between now not get enterprise playing cards, prevent analyzing right now due to the fact irrespective of what another type of advertising you do, if a small business can not neatly document your call in a Rolodex and look for it underneath “Computer troubles” you may not be getting a callback. After you’ve got your enterprise playing cards in hand, it’s time to junk mail. I simply email all your friends and family and inform them approximately your new IT consulting provider. Depending upon your buddies and family, this needs to rake you to your first couple of clients.

OK, so now I’m going to tell you exactly what I did to make my business enterprise grow to some extent in which I was running 60 hours per week at $65.00 an hour for three years.

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