Traveling Well – 10 Commandments of Wise Travel


In this age of high-tech Sky Bird communique, the world has turned out to be a smaller vicinity, and foreign places tour, once the privilege of some, is now loved by many. However, traveling frequently isn’t necessarily synonymous with touring well. I nevertheless notice with dismay at the numbers of travelers that unknowingly jeopardize their travel revel in, and people of others, by failing to cope with the two cardinal sins of traveling: lack of making plans and shortage of sensitivity. I even have dissected these 2 points further into the 10 Commandments of Wise Travel.

The 1st Commandment of Wise Travel is to test and organize all applicable journey documentation at least one week before the departure date. This approach passports, tickets, visas, and travel coverage. Purchasing a passport/ document holder to hold all documentation collectively is a superb investment, mainly when a frequent vacationer. Otherwise, excursion organizations and travel companies give less high-priced versions away at no cost if you book flights with them.

You may additionally need to alert your credit score card enterprise of the international locations that you will be touring. Due to credit card fraud and a boom in safety precautions, credit score card companies are now placing a halt to playing cards after they are aware of an exchange of spending patterns. Although I may sound as though I am pointing out the apparent, I am checking all applicable documentation previous to departure manner that you mention your ride off at the right foot. Any mishap on this location will be enough to color now, not just the journey but the rest of your ride.

The second Commandment of Travel is to arrive at the airport with an ok time to test in and clean customs and security previous to the flight. This means airport arrival three hours before any international flight everywhere from the US and a pair of hours last from Australia and New Zealand. Since 9/11, protection approaches have tightened internationally, and one without a doubt does no longer breeze through customs and safety anywhere anymore. If reserving a taxi to move you to the airport, ensure that the taxi booking is made the day/night earlier than the flight.


Similarly, if a friend/ family member is taking you, confirm a pick out-up time the day earlier. I shamefully admit that my husband and I broke this rule on our last journey to Hawaii, to our detriment. We had forgotten to e-book our taxi for the airport the nighttime before. Initially, we have been no longer than concerned as we do not stay too a long way from Kingsford-Smith International Airport. However, when the time got here for us to book our taxi, even though we concept we had been permitting plenty of time, our name coincided with the taxi driving force changeover, and we couldn’t get an to be had to taxi for a long term. This mistake caused us an exceptional deal of stress, and it almost cost us our flight.

The 3rd Commandment is to p.C. Your luggage sensibly, coordinating your dresser carefully. This appears to be a not unusual mistake for girls. The rule of thumb is if an object of clothing can not be worn and coordinated 3-4 ways, depart it at home. Keep the top gadgets in a monochromatic coloration tone, including your splash of color with a headscarf or jewelry. Knits are best to tour with as they wrinkle a long way, much less than wovens, and are less difficult to wash and dry.

Always travel with an excellent high-quality, lightweight pashmina that fits into your handbag while folded. This may be pulled out and used during the flight or when the temperature drops all through your travels. Keep footwear down to a minimum, as this only adds weight to your bags. Have one pair of regular footwear, one pair of proper walking shoes, and every other pair for dressier occasions. Leave your “skyscraper” heels at domestic, as they will only intervene together with your mobility, now not to say the harm it will do to your backbone.


The 4th Commandment is to make sure that you nurture yourself on long flights. Drink lots of water, even supposing it manner more frequent journeys to the toilet, and limit your alcohol consumption. The pressurized environment of a plane is extremely dehydrating. Keep your skin accessible and nicely moisturized at the flight, and for ladies, if you could manipulate it, depart your face make-up lose. Any foundations or powders will clog up your pores. If you have an iPod, I can’t advocate listening to guided meditations at the iPod pretty sufficient.

From personal revel in, it allows lessening jetlag. Wear apparel that has a stretch in it and does not cut into your arms, chest, waist, crotch, and so on. Arise often for a while and walk up and down the aisles whenever possible. The more you can nurture yourself on a long flight, the greater electricity you’ll have and the less jetlag you may enjoy when you attain your vacation spot.

The fifth Commandment is to keep a tour diary or journal on the way to file all of your reports for posterity and to share with buddies on your return. Take note of all the exciting websites visited and the names and addresses of any suitable eateries and restaurants. Take plenty of pics and collate them into an album or CD. This will make sure that the reminiscences of your ride will stay on in your mind long after the journey is over. And should you want to revisit a particular web page, save or restaurant, or maybe advise a specific place to pals, you won’t battle to don’t forget it.

The sixth Commandment isn’t always impolite and obnoxious to the cabin team, waiters, waitresses, excursion organization team of workers, and a couple of workers at some stage in your travels. I cannot strain this factor enough. Although it could be right away pleasant to vent your spleen while you are worn-out, irritated, and pissed off all through your travels, please remember that those human beings keep your consolation, not to say your meals, in their palms.

If a criticism wishes to be made, by way of all means, achieve this with assertiveness, however always accompany it with admiration and courtesy for the individual that you are addressing. Never resort to sarcasm or humiliation. If essential, take the hassle similarly to an advanced. If a hassle is communicated by competitively using you, then you can assume no less than defensiveness and resentment in going back. If there appears to be no option to the problem, query whether or not the issue to hand is well worth fighting for. If it isn’t, then store yourself the aggravation and have the wisdom to let go of it and stroll away mentally.

The seventh Commandment is to have as actual revel in as possible while visiting different international locations. The whole point of the tour is to expand your horizons, find out unusual lands and open ourselves to new experiences. Research the united states of America’s festivals before your ride and partake in the revel in while you get there. Find out wherein the locals eat and are familiar.

Try the delicacies of the location, pay attention to the specific song, and attempt some phrases within the local language. Educate yourself at the united states of America’s records. The results can be pretty liberating. You will develop a more profound admiration and appreciation for us and the human beings you are journeying and enrich your tour experience tenfold. If extra human beings did this, our world might no longer be so divisive.

The 8th Commandment is to carry out random acts of kindness even as for your journey. When faced with a fellow traveler who may be in a niche of a hassle, take the time out to help without expecting a reward. If you have the resources to help someone else, then the experience is its reward. If the scenario is a small one, then a tiny gesture to your element can revitalize a doubtlessly terrible situation for the alternative individual. If the problem is critical, then try to get a little help. Remember that the legal guidelines of karma are alive and well.

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