What Safety Measures Should Restaurants Take During COVID-19?


The government has encouraged businesses to re-open carefully and carry health practices for the sake of saving the economy. Many restaurants have started operating after the major lockdown, taking all the safety precautions. You must note that the re-opening of restaurants does not mean that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. We are trying to live with the pandemic taking all the security guidelines stated by the higher authorities.


Many restaurants have taken the initiative to re-start their business by considering the guidelines-

  • Practicing social distancing at the restaurants, either you are an employee or a customer.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory for everyone visiting the restaurants, including the employees.
  • Ensuring that tables are arranged at a distance of 6 feet from each other.
  • Washing and sanitizing the hands upon arriving and leaving the restaurant.

Many restaurants, including your favorite Tamarind Bistro Restaurant, have started their services by keeping in mind the rules without compromising the taste. Although people are still scared to eat outside, if we look at those who are continuously doing their duty, for instance, safety guards, nurses, police, and cleaning and sanitizing professionals, it is hard for them to find a place to eat.

Therefore, the government has taken the correct initiative to open some restaurants where people can dine out, taking safety precautions. Besides, restaurants have also not failed to follow the safety measures to provide high-quality food, sanitized places, and gain people’s trust. If you are a restaurant owner and want to improve your business amidst COVID-19, here are some safety tips you must follow-

1) Sanitize your restaurant-

Before opening your restaurant, you must call a cleaning company to disinfect every area and surface from the bathroom to your restaurant’s kitchen. Repeat the sanitizing process every week to keep the coronavirus at bay. Once your restaurant is free from germs, you are ready to re-open. To maintain safety, provide sanitizer at each table.

2) Check people before entering-

Ask the security guard to wear proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and check the temperature of people entering the restaurant to ensure perfectly healthy. Besides, not more than 40 people must be there in your restaurant; else it will violate social distancing. Also, social distancing must be kept during catering services.

3) Ensure food safety-

Food should be cooked with utter care, wearing the mask and hand gloves, but they must be adequately sanitized. Aside from that, all the vegetables must be thoroughly washed to kill the germs and ensure the vegetable vendor providing vegetables must be healthy.

4) Build rules for customers-

Artistically place the signage explaining the rules before seating. Place a board that displays a message “No entrance without the face mask.” Besides, not more than ten people must be seated at the same table. Such rules help in maintaining the decorum of a place.

5) Accept E-payments-

Why not take advantage of the vast net banking or electronic money services; instead of accepting money, since the exchange of money could be a source of exchanging germs.

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