Computer Voice Mail – How Does it Work?


A method for establishing voice communications among a computer user and an agent, the laptop user being associated with a person PC and a telephone variety of a cell phone-related to the computer person, the method comprising the stairs of setting up a PC information base available through the consumer laptop, prompting the PC user to enter a name request in the PC database, transmitting the call request from the PC information base to a cellphone switching machine; and routinely organizing voice communications among the agent and the PC user using the phone switching device in reaction to the call request.

The approach in which the step of transmitting the call request contains the step of transmitting the call from the PC records base over the Internet. Sending the call request from the computer statistics base over the Internet further includes pocketing the call request and transmitting it via e-mail. Establishing a PC records base on hand via the laptop consumer similarly shows a Web web page. The step of prompting the computer user to go into a call request within the PC database again involves establishing a “name me” button. In contrast, the laptop person accesses the Web web page.


The phone switching system consists of a phone PC automatically dialing the cell phone number of the phone related to the computer person receiving the call request at a phone pic associated with the agent, and dialing the phone range by the telephone-computer primarily on the call request. The approach, in addition, comprising the steps of detecting when the laptop consumer solutions the PC cell phone; and connecting the agent to the answered computer cell phone. The mechanically dialing telephone number of the telephone associated with the laptop person contains the steps of sending a dial request command from a smartphone laptop to an automated call distributor related to the agent in response to the call request obtained from the computer records base.



The steps of receiving the decision request contain the step of prompting the PC consumer to enter the phone number of the telephone related to the computer person. Establishing computer statistics base on hand by way of the laptop consumer, in addition, establishes a Web page and wherein the step of prompting the laptop user to go into a call request in the laptop database similarly accommodates the effort of showing a “name me” button. In contrast, the computer user accesses the Web page.

The use of computers is in high call nowadays, with the surge of technology and the popularity of something associated with the Internet and computers. Almost anybody you ask probably has a laptop at home; however, with the trend shifting towards portability and mobility, the call for some other type of computer has increased over the latest years – the pocketbook laptop.

Laptop computers, additionally called laptops, notebook computers, or notebooks, are small, compact, mobile computers that weigh between to eighteen kilos, relying on the scale, the materials used in fabrication, and different factors. Laptops run on an available battery or from an externally connected adapter. Most notebook battery packs can be used for some hours before having to recharge. The external AC/DC adapter may feed the battery even as presenting strength to the PC itself.

Notebook computers are lightweight private PC. This form of computer commonly weighs in beneath six kilos and is built to be small sufficient to match easily in a generally sized briefcase. Apart from the dimensions, weight, and portability, any other significant distinction between personal and pocketbook laptops is the display. All notebook computers use an extensive range of technologies and strategies to supply display screens that are not bulky and very lightweight.