Deus Ex Machina: Saving Your Blog With a Free Template, Really?


Greek tragedians solve their enjoyment troubles with an easy answer: they positioned a worthy God as site visitors aide to repair the wrecked plot. Moreover, elaborate website owners address their issues with nearly the identical component- they alternate it with free templates to have the favored “new appearance.” Expert online entrepreneurs condemned online commercial enterprise proprietors for using templates as Greek dramatists criticized pro tragedians for overusing deus ex machina.

Templates aren’t terrible. There are lots of them that I, in my opinion, categorize as “cool” and “revolutionary”. However, templates aren’t the Greek gods to reply to our net design issues, and these problems are not simply simple “wrecked plot” problems, for net design is a central element in Internet advertising. “Take it with no consideration, and you’ll lose it”, that is how experts say it. Moreover, we are not a dramatist like Euripides; instead, online enterprise owners who consider and use artistry for aesthetics and properly go back on investment.

Templates are for starters.

There is not anything wrong with using templates. Even blogging giants WordPress and Blogger provide equipped-to-use templates to cater the one’s non-techie enterprise owners. I recognize these templates’ intention to offer a class or innovation to people who can not come up with the money to realize what HTML is or those who can’t even hold close to the basic concept of CSS.


I’ve also visible numerous online businesses that still use now not-so-new templates and nevertheless manage to soar high in scores, site visitors, and sales. However, to be sincere, those instances are uncommon. Templates are perfect for starters but no longer for severe enterprise owners like you. They are for laugh-bloggers, hobbyists, and people who mind running a blog as nothing but playtime. If you want an area of expertise and online individuality, better rent an expert web dressmaker.


Web Design is important

If you understand the significance of branding to any commercial enterprise, you know the way internet design acts as a branding front-liner. It is the maximum apparent of your branding techniques, and people judge your business by using it. Your website design is the identity of your enterprise; consequently, selecting unexceptional free templates is like copying other anonymous internet sites on the Web. Free templates are nonetheless free templates, and reaching specialty thru this is honestly impossible.

Therefore, going for the deus ex machina solution won’t help you in any respect- it simply drives out clients and attracts critics and haters. Hire a seasoned internet developer as a substitute, sacrifice one-time expert expenses, and enjoy a lifetime Web specialty. Joseph writes about SEO, Blogging, and Web Development. He works for Endless Rise as an expert creator. Endless Rise gives search engine optimization offerings to search engine marketing Resellers. You can end up a SEO reseller today and not using a value or responsibility.