Challenges in Introducing Value Education at Higher Education in India


Value Education is the plenty debated and discussed challenge inside the plethora of training in India. Of path, it’s far proper that the principal reason for any schooling will go together with a Value orientation. More attention to Value training has been given on the primary and secondary stages of school training than in better education in India. Values will be successfully imparted to the younger minds in preference to the matured ones. It may be the vital motive for this utmost significance given at the school level.

There are so many modules designed with the help of agencies like NCERT and others for successfully presenting the fee education to the college students. In this context, many progressive educational practices are being diagnosed by way of experts. A good quantity of experiments and studies are being performed in the current days on the effectiveness of teaching price schooling at the college stage. Some faculties have very innovative and radical route designs to impart the values.

Effective teaching practices in presenting price schooling levels from tale-telling, exhibitions, skits, one-act play, and institution discussions to various codecs. New methods have been advanced with the aid of educationists to create a practical getting-to-know sphere. The utilization of electronic devices additionally profits significance in the teaching-gaining knowledge of practices of value training. But on the higher training degree, the importance of cost schooling isn’t as great as it is given at the college level for numerous reasons.

The curriculum and the teaching methods additionally will be subjected to scrutiny. Colleges are supposed for a form of specialization in a few areas of education. But in the Indian social context, young people require route and counseling at this level. They have been uncovered to various challenges at this level which demands the intervention of educationists for their betterment. Their building additionally strengthens at this juncture. Students’ notions on different existing elements and events are getting fashioned at this level.

On the whole, they evolve their philosophy of existence. Their sensitivity and knowledge are getting path at this stage. Hence, a practical price orientation becomes inevitable to the scholars of faculties. Keeping this requirement in thought, States like Tamilnadu introduced a compulsory paper/path on price schooling to undergraduate college students of all schools inside the State under the choice-based credit score machine. Though this sort of effort is made with the excellent aim of imparting values to the kids, many boundaries in bringing out the predicted final results may be recognized.

Besides those questions, another billion greenback queries would be raised on the method of effectively providing those values. Then again, as noted earlier, the college training can encompass this schooling effortlessly because the system is tremendous for it to deal with. But at the college level, the system reveals it very tough to the training session. So this look should examine the theoretical problems regarding the identification of values to be protected in the curriculum at the only facet and the problem of effective designing of the curriculum and providing the one’s importance on the other side.

The necessity for imparting values to scholars of all ranges has been felt utilizing anybody. The world today is going through unprecedented socio-political and monetary demanding situations. Problems of life are becoming increasingly excessive and complex. Traditional values are decentered. ‘An environment of strife pervades all international locations, and broken homes have ended up commonplace. Insatiable starvation for cash and power leads a maximum of people to tension, and lack of peace of mind and all styles of physical and mental illnesses have ended up common area” 1.

In the modern context of frequent and often violent social upheavals, we must observe the trouble of restlessness of the young people, their frustration born out of futility in their look for which means of lifestyles and the reason for which they are residing, regularly main to evil and wickedness. This requires a brand new approach and a new vision of training. It is manifestly felt that the prevailing academic gadget promotes rat race and keeps the student network in a experience of lack of confidence. Educational establishments have come to be the stress cookers building pressures within the minds of adolescents.

Also, a loft-sided instructional sample that insists on instrumental and technical rationality for the successful existence in phrases of gaining money and electricity has invaded the literary device of India. The man or woman deemed unfit for this survival race will become disqualified and ineligible to stay in this marketplace economy-based life. The spate of industrialization and economic increase in advanced nations has delivered a perceptible alternate on this scenario.

And growing international locations consisting of India are feeling the ripple outcomes of this improvement. Values earlier considered essential via all societies were eroded and have given manner to unethical practices around the globe. Where honesty and integrity have been loved and appreciated, greed, corruption, and purple tapes have are available, bringing off their wake unethical responses which have pervaded all walks of life and are thwarting efforts of some enlightened individuals to sell value-based total society.2 Hence, implementation of well-established training is the only answer available to all states.


With growing divisive forces, narrow parochialism, separatist tendencies on the only hand, and significant fall in ethical, social, ethical, and national values each in personal and public existence on the other, the want for promoting effective programs of price orientation in schooling has assumed great urgency. The development of human values via training is now routinely visible as a project of national importance. Though supposed to be the component and parcel of everyday schooling, value education couldn’t be so due to the marketplace impacts. Hence, it has become an inevitable want to consist of a unique curriculum for-fee training at all stages.

Now the following query could be about the nature of price education. What form of values should accept preference inside the curriculum is the significant problem in creating cost training. This hassle surfaces because we can discover documents of matters prescribed on various scriptures and theories. Sometimes they are contradictory to every other. This problem has been very well mentioned earlier.

But the solution to the problem of the nature of value schooling is frequently dependent on the social situations that be triumphant inside the nation. There want now not be an imported value instructional sample to be prescribed in India. The burning social problems could call for the required price of education. Though India is considered the land of divinity and know-how, the current value gadget throws demanding situations to the historical value sample.


From the Gurkula sample to the varna ashrama values, all values are under scrutiny via modern-day rationality. Hence, the relevance of the golden values prescribed using the then society is questionable within the present situation. On the alternative hand, the so-called modern-day values, which have been listed in advance, are also subjected to a grievance using philosophers like put up modernists. They question the very nature of the rationality of the Enlightenment duration.

Because critics of modernity firmly declare that present-day rationality is the cause for the deterioration of human subjects inside the world, they paved the manner for inhuman killing and escalation of values. According to them, the purpose of modernism is considered the root of strength politics, which ends up in the atrocious behavior of the power device. Hence, present-day values like democracy, civil rights, environmental ethics, expert ethics, and all such matters are observed in vain in bringing concord in society. The values like area, tolerance, peace bear the terrible connotation in this context. Hence, what form of current values are to be covered within the curriculum is a undertaking thrown towards the educationists.

At one aspect, the fanatic and fundamentalist features of religious values and on the alternative side the modern values based available on the market economy and other factors are to be excluded, and a nicely balanced curriculum with actual worthy matters suitable to the society has to be diagnosed and blanketed inside the educational machine.

In this context, it becomes evident that there can’t be any established sample of values prescribed in the system. When a suitable combination of spiritual and contemporary values is finished, designing such a course demands an honest, moral, wise academician who designs such direction.

Thus the religious values of sensitizing the children for glad global and rational values for a just international are very plenty required. Religious values may be taken, but not with the label of any specific religion; democratic values are to be included but not with its inhuman dogmatic technique. Thus there needs a great mixture of both. This is the actual undertaking thrown to the Indian academicians.