Serverspace: The Best Cloud Server for Your Business


Serverspace provides on-demand availability of computer system resources without direct management by the user. The services provided by Serverspace include cloud servers, virtual private cloud, object storage, block storage, networking, and developer tools. Serverspace is the fastest, secure, and fault-tolerant cloud computing on-demand cloud server provider.

Best Cloud Server for Your Business

A cloud server is a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing environment. Cloud computing can help you to avoid or minimize IT infrastructure costs. Cloud servers are group networking elements providing services that are not managed or individually addressed by users, instead the entire suite of software and hardware is managed by the provider. Cloud servers have all the software services needed by the user and these services can run and function as independent units. If you are looking to cut the cost of IT infrastructure and to find one of the best cloud servers for your business then Serverspace is the way to go.

Before looking at all the services provided by Serverspace here are the reasons why you should be choosing cloud servers provided by Serverspace:

  • Customer Service: Serverspace works for the customer and is available for you at all times. The support is on the call with the solution to your every problem.
  • Hardware: Using the best hardware, Serverspace Cloud servers have fast-speed Solid-State Drives (SSDs) with awesome IOPS rate with data storage 3x and available with no lags.
  • Software: Providing you multiple OS or Apps choice with preconfigured templates to save you time.
  • Billing: Serverspace offers a Pay&Go billing system Charging every 10 minutes and only for the VMs you use.
  • Deployment: Simplified and easy deployment without long setups and boring docs to read.

These are the reasons we have been working with many clients and providing them with all the help that is needed. Here are all the services provided by Serverspace:

  • Developer Tools:

    1. API (Application Programming Interface): When using the Serverspace API, you can do almost everything you would do when you use the Serverspace control panel. These include managing cloud servers, networks, network interfaces, and get detailed information about projects, tasks, and manage SSH keys.
    2. CLI (Command Line Interface): CLI helps you manage VMs, networks, SSH-keys, and projects using a set of commands. It is compatible with all the OS, supports all features found in the Serverspace API, and has a detailed reference with a description of all commands.
    3. Monitoring: You can track your infrastructure availability and get alerts the moment an incident occurs. It is quick and easy to set up. It can help you find the problems before your customers do so you can just set up monitoring and avoid costly problems. This service includes a collection of the most popular tracking tools and allows you to check uptime around the world. Serverspace is there to keep an eye on your infrastructure for you in the background.
  • Computing: We provide all the ways for easy deployment of cloud services. You can choose the best which suits your needs to create, test, deploy and scale applications, analyze, store, back-up, and recover data. Serverspace cloud servers are available around the world in 4 global markets: Europe, the USA, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The different ways to deploy cloud services provided by Serverspace are:
    1. Cloud Servers: Here you get a fast and east deployment allowing you to spin up your Virtual Machine (VM) in just 40 seconds. Being the best Geekbench scorer, Serverspace provides you all cloud capabilities to build the strongest infrastructure. With Serverspace, you can connect to the servers located in a selected data center and build a secure private cloud for your business. You can monitor system performance from global locations in real-time.
    2. Virtual Private Cloud: Serverspace helps you in designing your private cloud with the utmost security in a logically isolated public network segment. This allows you to maintain a proper level of security with total control, reduced costs, and lightning speed connection.
  • Networking: Cloud networking gives you access to networking resources. You will be able to deliver your content more reliably and securely while not worrying about the cost and difficulties of having built and operate your network. It will be cost-saving for your business and you can always rely on our server for the best output.
    1. DNS: Convert your domain into an IP address to be accessed by the user on the other end. This free service offers the user a fast domain response from anywhere in the world. The available resource records include A, AAAA, PTR, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT, and SRV.
    2. SSL: You would want the SSL certificate for your website for protection from attackers, SEO promotion, and increase user trust. Serverspace provides the most affordable prices, quick order service, a large choice of SSL certificates, and 30 days money-back guarantee. Our SSL certificates are compatible with 99.3% of browsers.
    3. Private Network: With Serverspace, between your cloud servers, you can build a private communication channel that is safe and stable, free of charge, and with global access points.
    4. Direct Connect: This feature allows you to build a direct connection between your corporate network and our cloud that gives you maximum speed, low latency & stability, and the most security. Direct connect is a convenient way to connect your network to the Serverspace cloud while needing only one physical carrier dedicated line to quickly deploy cloud servers.
  • Storage:

    1. Object Storage: You get S3 compatible and scalable cloud space for storing infinite data as objects. Object storage allows you to store unstructured data of any size and type in a secure cloud. Being low cost and having easy data management makes object storage the best alternative to the traditional file and block storage. Object storage not only provides you full compatibility with S3 and Swift protocols, and auto-scaling but also guarantees maximum protection against threats. You can store multimedia and Object storage assigns a URL to each media file that makes it ideal for streaming services.
    2. Block Storage: Block storage lets you create remote network-attached SSD volumes. SSD cloud servers provided by Serverspace are better and low cost where you can make your VM better. At Serverspace, we can ensure that all are SSD servers that provide you the more resilient and swift, stable, manageable, provide higher data replication, and allow you to manage the capacity by increasing it even after creating a volume.

Serverspace is an ideal online Cloud IT infrastructure rental service. Serverspace is committed to the customer to provide them with Enterprise-class equipment, Enhanced security, Breakthrough performance, and Broad geopositioning.