The Health of Americans – A Call to Arms


As I write this text, I have to tell you that the cutting-edge medical system of fitness care in America is failing, and it’s far failing miserably. You cannot wait until something breaks down before you attempt to do something to “fix” your health. We treat the signs and now not the purpose of the hassle. This is like waiting till your engine seizes or blows up earlier than you test your oil level for your car.

Your fitness is something that you need to address and be defensive from the time you were born. Instead, we wait till we are falling aside earlier than we address the problem. After something breaks down, our next solution is to take multiple drugs or medicines, thinking that we are solving the trouble. The trouble is you cannot drug or medicate your manner lower back to your fine country of health.

The frame would not work that way. To show the point, consider taking a healthy person and putting them on four-five medicinal drugs like the typical American. What might show up to this individual? Yes, that man or woman could get unwell. So, whatever made us assume that we ought to take an ill individual, placed them on pills, and anticipate them to get nicely?

In the United States, we represent 5% of the sector’s populace, but we devour nearly 70% of the drugs and medicines in the world. The average American below age 40 is on two pharmaceuticals. Over forty, the ordinary person is on 4-five medications. Senior citizens within the U.S. Take an average of 6-8 one-of-a-kind drugs each day. The maximum of that is the result of having no longer maintained their health at the same time as it became nevertheless viable once they were younger.

Do you honestly consider that the different medicinal drugs and drugs that you absorb your lifetime, the more healthy your body maybe? No, of path no longer! If taking a couple of tablets or medications for our illnesses is running, why do we rank 37th in global fitness out of the 39 industrialized countries?


Why are we also ultimate within the international in little one mortality? That manner, more excellent babies die here than in another first International us of an at the globe. We rank finally in years of ability existence misplaced, which means that while residing below this device of health care, you have the slightest chance of creating it for your God-given existence expectancy.

One out of people will die from coronary heart disease if you do things the way everyone else does. One out of 3 will die from cancer. If taking drugs while you get sick is the answer, why is it that 800,000 human beings every 12 months are dying from the side effects of prescription medication? Another 400,000 a yr are dying from medical errors. Ninety 000 people a yr are demise from the facet results of antibiotics on my own.

Another hundred,000 suggested deaths every yr are from infections that humans contract inside the clinic that they did not enter with. Over 16,000 human beings, every 12 months, die from the side effects of Tylenol and Ibuprofen, both being over-the-counter medications. This is the equal number of individuals who die every 12 months from AIDS. I haven’t seen any fund-raising campaigns to do “Tylenol studies” or “improve our recognition of Ibuprofen”, have you?


In the final 50 years, untold trillions of dollars have been spent on studies to locate the magic tablet for all types of situations, and that they have not begun to remedy one disease. Not one. It needs to be blatantly apparent by now that this approach to our fitness is not running. It’s now not that medication does not perform a little properly matters for folks in crisis. However, it does nothing to your health or for restoring you to a country of wellness.

It does not do anything to let you reach your God-given potential and live out your complete existence expectancy. You ought to be asking the identical questions I wondered years ago once I found out about all of this. Is there an alternative? Do I have a desire inside the depend? If so, what are my options so that I don’t just become a statistic just like the rest of the population in this country? How can I repair my health to its most significant potential and then hold it that way?

The precise information is you will begin to get the solutions to all of these questions in this newsletter. What you do with what you will examine is as much as you- all I can do is offer you with the fact and lead you down the path this is supplied so that it will live in a country of fitness and health without having to turn to tablets and surgical operation until they are the remaining resort.

After having expended each herbal method available to you to repair your health, there are instances that medicine and surgical procedure is necessary. The key isn’t always to permit yourself to get right into a nation of crisis that requires those most drastic measures. Learn how to maintain yourself healthy and save you troubles as a substitute.

Let me explain a pair of factors approximately what this text is and what it is not. This article isn’t always about me proving to you how the body works. I will educate you on primary anatomy and body structure to explain how the body is prepared and runs on all cylinders. This article is not about me convincing you which you need an exclusive approach to your fitness. It is not approximately whether you need to do matters differently than absolutely everyone else is doing them. It is about whether or not you are prepared to commit to the process.

You ought to do matters positively over the years to anticipate positive adjustments, and I know what those things are. The pointers that I make in this newsletter are not to speak you into something you don’t want or don’t want. The data offers you what is vital to make the modifications you require if you assume to be healthful. Some of you studying this nowadays are nevertheless no longer geared up to decide in this manner, and that scares me.

As tons, as I would love to look health and healing, restored into your lifestyles, in case you aren’t prepared to make this occur the way it wishes to show up, then I can not assist you. But if you are geared up to make an exchange, I will do the whole lot in my energy to work with you, educate you, and do something I can to make all of the modifications feasible.

My task is to set you in a brand new direction of existence and health. Reaching your full capability and dwelling in a country of fitness and wellbeing requires your participation. It does not simply happen using itself. I’m no longer writing this article to prove whatever to you. The truth stands for its benefit. The trouble is that we were raised with a fake experience of what fitness is and our obligations to preserve it. Here are a number of the things about the way the body works that they have got established to be genuine:

By design, the frame presents all restoration and health in our physical bodies through the energy released from the mind via the nerve machine. This is how restoration occurs in our physical bodies. Healing records from the mind are removed through the nervous gadget and despatched to the affected part of the frame to work the manner it was designed to paintings inside the first location.

The hassle lies in the reality that the nerve system indicators can be blocked or disrupted. If we shut off the mind’s ability to tell the belly how to digest the food you just ate, does the stomach recognize what to do with the aid of itself? Can the coronary heartbeat on its very own without the nerve controlling the manner? That isn’t always how the frame changed into designed to work.

If you don’t believe this, just cut the nerve to any part of your body and notice how long it functions the way it is meant to the characteristic. Our organs being controlled by the method of nerve delivery is just how we were designed to work. Our responsibility on this technique is to hold the nerve channels wide open and loose from as a sound deal interference to this conversation system as is viable.

This can only be provided by protecting the shape of the spinal wire and the spine’s alignment, which covers the way the nerves work. So how do you understand whether or not or now not your nerves are running nicely or not? It would help if you visited a spinal expert like a chiropractor educated in detecting and correcting spinal misalignment and mal-position.

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