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Westfield Health has provided customers within the UK with secure medical health insurance merchandise for well over ninety years. They presently have an extra of 300,000 policyholders who have a few shapes of medical health insurance coverage with them. Westfield Health provides health insurance products to individuals and their households, companies, and employees. They even offer an intermediary carrier wherein any healthcare intermediary can provide Westfield Health’s merchandise to their customers.

Westfield Health has some of the Fitness cash plans below their GOOD4YOU product variety. This medical insurance product range gives up to 5 distinct degrees of coverage, and the charge degrees from £5.35 to £34.00 are consistent with the month. Obviously, the better your month-to-month premium, the better the extent of coverage you could count on. Your month-to-month top class will make sure that you have a fixed annual cash advantage with a view to cover any variety of important health care bills, which may additionally consist of:-

Optical fees – glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses & sight tests
Dental expenses – checkups and remedy
Treatments – physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, and chiropody

Health Insurance


In addition to these primary blessings, a Westfield Health cash plan will offer financial benefits for any hospital stay that include both inpatient and day surgical procedure, healing, and that they even offer financial help if you or your associate have a child, or if you make a decision to adopt. Westfield Health additionally has a number of health and nicely-being services to provide you get admission to:-

24-hour access to GP smartphone consultations

Health blessings and concessions which might also include discounted health club club
24-hour counseling advice line, which additionally contains legal advice. Should you select one of the higher stages of the health coins, plan that they provide, you also receive a personal twist of fate cowl

A website committed to health and properly-being

Let us look at one in all their health coins plans to peer precisely what varieties of benefits you could get hold of. Their degree 3 fitness cash plan has a set monthly top class of £sixteen.60. With this cowl stage, you may be furnished with £one zero five.00 in the direction of dental checkups. I’m positive that you’re conscious that six month-to-month visits in any one yr to the dentist will commonly value you about £100.00.


For the same degree of cover, any consultations you, your accomplice, or dependent youngsters require could be included up to a monetary value of £290.00 annually. I could chance a wager that lots of you eliminate private consultations, with someone aside from your GP, because of the excessive fees. However, this need not be a problem if you have taken out one of Westfield Health’s coins plans.

Imagine if you are admitted as an inpatient to an NHS or private clinic, registered treatment center, or hospice. This might generally imply that you may be unable to work for several days and, therefore, suffer from a lack of profits. The level three health cash plan will offer you, as the policyholder, £38.00 allowance on an everyday basis (Admittedly, this could now not be sufficient to cowl a day-by-day wage. However, something is higher than not anything).

This form of coverage is extended to any dependent kids, and you will receive £16.50 daily if any of your youngsters ought to stay in the health center as an inpatient. Those benefits and a whole host greater are blanketed in a degree three plan that expenses you as little as £sixteen.60 a month.

There are, of course, many exclusions or situations that are not included in a Westfield Health coins plan. Let’s take the dental checkups situation, for instance – you may not be blanketed for tooth whitening, prescription fees, neglected appointment prices, dental treatment as the result of a coincidence, etc. You will discover that every one of the exclusions to their policiescorrectlyerly documented on their website.

Should you choose to take out a health coins plan from Westfield Health, you should set up an instantaneous debit for a hard and fast month-to-month quantity. You must then obtain and pay for your health treatment every day. You will need to finish a claim shape and send it to Westfield Health with any supporting documentation. The claim, or most financial gain, will then be paid immediately into your financial institution or constructing society account.

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